About us

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Puratium focuses on sharing information, tips, data, suggestions(you name it!). As well as products that are zero waste, eco friendly, and contribute to slow fashion and beauty.

In addition to raising awareness on the importance of sustainability and the benefits of going green in your life, Puratium also consistently deciphers brands and trends to allow you to become more eco-conscious consumers. 

Eco Journey Puratium poster
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Our Goal

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At Puratium, we do not pretend to tell you how to live your life, or make you feel guilty about your choices or style. We simply want to help you consider some small changes that can go a long way towards our planet. 

Help us preserve the planet by following even one of our recommendations. We want to grow together towards making more eco-conscious choices that’ll help us leave a safer planet for future generations. 

The Team

Puratium Co-Founder Laura Wey
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Laura Wey, Co-Founder
THE FOUNDER of Puratium, Laura’s a bit funny, and whacky. Her vision is all for organic, minimalism, and local🌿.

Her goal is to make zero waste more accessible and part of the norm. Consistently educating our audience and herself, she’s the captain of the ship.
📨 : Laura { at } Puratium.com

Puratium Co-Founder Abel Ramirez
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Abel Ramirez, Co-Founder
Abel’s involved in every aspect of Puratium, making sure to translate all of Puratium’s ideas into tangible solutions that help our audience grow and keep us going in the right direction.

The way to his heart is through pizza🍕 and fries🍟. so if you know of any good spots in the east coast he should try, let him know!
📨 : Abel { at } Puratium.com

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Alex Espiritu, Content Manager
Alex wants to practice a life that is geared towards simple living and creating a life that’s focused on the now. 

At any point in time, you’ll find her engrossed in yet another fantasy novel📖. 

Julia Duchene
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Julia Duchêne, Contributing Author
Julia is fun, loves simplicity, and is nature-oriented. She is passionate about life and consistent learning.

You will find she speaks multiple languages, and will probably make the best home-cooked meal👩🏻‍🍳 you’ve ever had. 

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Celeste Robinson, Contributing Author
Celeste is part of the University of Colorado🎓, Boulder Zero Waste Outreach Team ♻️.. Her major is Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Atmospheric and Ocean Science.

She loves anything and everything outdoors and loves to learn new skills.

Stay In Touch

 Contact us:

info { at } Puratium.com

Our Contributions To The Planet

One Tree Planted Logo
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We are proud partners of One Tree Planted. A non-profit organization focused on reforestation.  We have planted trees in Haiti, Ethiopia, and the United States. Find out more at onetreeplanet.org

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Number of trees planted by Puratium

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We are proud business members of the 1% for the Planet movement, inspiring positive change and protecting future generations.


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