Reliable Eco friendly Phone Cases With Compostable Options

On average, people spend around 4.8 hours on their phones per day [1]. That’s roughly a fifth of your day just spent on a single device.

And for the most part, phones are instrumental for everything we need to get done in a day. However, the growth of tech has also forced us to confront an issue that plagues every aspect of human consumption: waste.

Every year new flagship phones enter the market, and every year old phones are retired. In between all that, old phone cases are thrown away and (often) simply left in landfills. In simpler terms, tech creates a lot of waste, and we need to take action to minimize our impact on the environment.

One of the better ways to combat waste in tech is to choose a compostable or biodegradable case made with eco friendly materials. Phone cases like these enable you to lessen your impact on the planet and improve the lifecycle assessment of your accessories.

Here are some of the best eco friendly phone case brands we’re fan of.

Nimble - US

Nimble phone case
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Image by Nimble

Nimble believes that we can carve a new path for personal tech and that balancing our modern needs with that of the planet is of utmost importance.

They are champions of better materials, transparent production, and honest pricing. Nimble is a B Corp, certified carbon-neutral, and is a member of 1% for the Planet.

More About The Phone Cases

Nimble’s collection of eco friendly phone cases is only available for iPhone users. They have a phone case for nearly all the models released within the last couple of years, although their earliest model is the iPhone 11.

Their eco phone covers feature a variety of unique attributes, such as drop protection, antimicrobial protection, and scratch resistance.

Their cases are certified for a ten ft. drop at the least. Some of their cases are even certified for up to a 15 ft. drop.

If you’re looking for a clear phone case that won’t yellow over time, their clear case is an excellent option. It’s compatible with wireless charging, too.

Do note that Nimble offers a couple of design options – less is more!

Materials & Sustainability

Nimble has some of the most recycled materials in their phone cases. Their clear case is made from old compact discs (CDs or DVDs) processed to create new material. Compact discs are made of a material called polycarbonate, which is recyclable!

By cleaning, grinding, and compounding the material, Nimble can repurpose old discs. Since the 1980s, around 1 trillion compact discs have been made, and each month, millions become obsolete.

You only need to look into your childhood home to see how very real this issue is. While CDs are still being used today, they are no longer the main form of storing portable information, which significantly impacts the waste they generate.

Apart from CDs, Nimble also uses recycled plastic (PET), recycled silicone, organic hemp, and recycled aluminum.

Although most of what they sell are technically considered recycled plastic phone cases (therefore not biodegradable), we think their dedication to innovation and repurposing waste is quite a sustainable feat.

Their eco friendly packaging is 100% plastic-free and made from recycled scrap paper with eco friendly dyes and inks—fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Ethics & Community

Nimble believes that good technology should be made as ethically as possible, and we think so too! As tech becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, we should strive towards better practices and more ethical considerations in the industry.

Nimble advocates for honest pricing in their products, and although their prices might be above average, the quality, longevity, and durability of the products make the price well worth paying.

As a B Corporation, Nimble operates under high standards of environmental and social concern. They do this through sourcing sustainable materials, ethical suppliers, carbon-neutral shipping, plastic-free packaging, and providing free e-waste recycling.

In the interest of transparency, you can even read more about their suppliers here.

Nimble is also a Public Benefit Corporation which means every step they take is always done considering all stakeholders, not just the business itself. Moreover, as a member of 1% for the Planet, they donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental non-profits.

MMore - Slovenia

MMore phone case
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Image By MMore

MMore began as a way to integrate passion and nature. Žiga, the brand’s founder, was heavily drawn to nature and discovered that he could find a way to bring little parts of nature with us wherever we go.

The brand’s mission is rooted in helping everybody become closer to nature amid our busy, hectic lives—something most of us really need.

More About The Phone Cases

As expected, MMore’s collection of eco friendly cases takes inspiration from nature. They have an extensive wood collection featuring walnut, Mahogany, and even ziricote!

Their phone cases are truly an immersive experience because they’re actually made from natural materials like wood, cornflower, lavender, and even coffee! Each phone case embodies the texture and scent of whatever material it’s made of.

Can you imagine picking up your phone case and immediately getting a whiff of a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting with MMore’s cases.

Although the scents only last for a few months, we find it incredibly impressive that they’ve managed to capture nature in such a beautiful yet mundane way.

It isn’t just coffee either! They have plenty of other eco friendly and sustainable phone cases that invoke a sense of being in and enjoying nature.

With the many options available, MMore is an excellent place to find the best biodegradable phone case to fit your needs.

The best part is that many of their biodegradable phone cases are also compostable! Although biodegradable and compostable are often used together, the two are actually quite different. Biodegradable items may still leave some traces after decomposing, while compostable phone cases are meant to be absorbed by the heart.

If you’re living a zero waste lifestyle and you’re struggling to find iPhone cases that align with your beliefs, MMore is the place to look.

Materials & Sustainability

As we mentioned, MMore uses various eco-friendly, organic materials in their whole range.

In their collection, you will find a wide selection of wood phone cases (i.e., Mahogany, Whitewood, American Cherry, Bird’s Eye Maple).

Each phone case is made of actual FSC-certified wood, and the product listing indicates where they source the wood. For example, the Mahogany comes from Honduras, and the Whitewood comes from North America.

The FSC certification ascertains that MMore is using only sustainably-harvested trees from forests managed with our social, environmental, and economic future in mind.

Apart from wood, MMore also uses other organic materials for their sustainable phone cases. They use alpine hay, lavender, skeleton leaves, moss, etc. Like the wood, they also indicate where they get each sustainable material.

The base material of the phone cover is made from flax wheat straw and PBAT bioplastic. These are all manufactured in SGS certified non-toxic conditions.

MMore uses a sugar-based, non-toxic resin to seal in the organic components and preserve their texture and scent. If you want to spruce up the scent of your phone case, you can also purchase the scent separately.

All their parcels are shipped without any plastic packaging, and they only use recyclable materials.

Ethics & Community

All MMore cases are handmade in Europe. Although they now run a large production, their local team remains relatively small and tight-knit.

To give back, MMore plants one tree for every phone case sold in line with their “Buy One, Plant One” program. This empowers you, the buyer, to indirectly contribute to the preservation of our natural resources through something as simple as an eco friendly phone case.

A Good Company - Sweden

A good company's phone case
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Image By A Good Company

A Good Company stands for transforming mindless consumption into conscious decisions. To do this, they create elegant, sustainable, and thoughtful everyday products for the conscious consumer.

This brand is a certified B Corporation and is all for transparency throughout the supply chain, encouraging a culture of more ethical and socially-inclined business practices.

More About The Phone Cases

A Good Company is not just a phone case brand. They also sell many other personal everyday belongings made from sustainable or recycled materials. That said, their phone case collection is quite extensive and covers a lot of iPhone and Samsung models.

They carry most phone models from apple (6 to 13), and they also have a handful of Samsung options (the A and S series).

This compostable phone case is entirely circular and is light, strong, and style by nature. Each phone case supports wireless charging and is even certified vegan! If you swear by a vegan lifestyle, this is one of the best eco friendly phone cases you can buy.

The case itself comes in a hard case format and has a thickness of around 1.2mm. This allows for optimum phone protection without making your phone too bulky.

The raised edges also offer additional protection and help guard your screen against scratches or bumps.

You will definitely find something you will like here, regardless of whether you’re looking for something bold and colorful or if you want to go the minimalist route.

Materials & Sustainability

Each Good Company eco friendly phone case is made of plant-based materials, something truly special in the tech industry.

Making these eco-friendly cases starts with organic linseed (also called flax seeds) farming in Sweden. The surplus from harvesting is transported to a facility that can transform the seeds into pellets, which are molded into the cases.

Each case is then printed on by hand using organic paint! From this information, we can already tell that The Good Company is dedicated to keeping the spirit of sustainability alive through their products.

Their other materials are recycled cardboard, wheat straw, recycled nylon, bamboo, and soy ink.

With The Good Company’s eco friendly phone case, you can finally say goodbye to plastic waste and start embracing more eco friendly alternatives to your phone cover.

Ethics & Community

The Good Company’s entire business model is rooted in social and environmental sustainability. To them, it isn’t a simple matter of lip service and telling their customers what they want to hear.

For example, their entire supply chain has to be grounded on four major areas of consideration.

  • Location: production must be done close to where the raw material is sourced to reduce greenhouse emissions and leave behind a better environmental footprint.
  • Working conditions & Ownership: All people working on the brand’s products are paid a living wage and are given rights to join a union. They also prefer factories that are family-owned and operate under fair, gender-equal conditions.
  • Quality & Trust: Good Company ensures they have a strong dynamic within the workplace to successfully design and create top-notch products.
  • Environmental awareness & Flexibility: Each supplier must comply with the company’s code of conduct, which involves encouraging proper wastewater treatments and the use of reusable energy.

The Good Company also gives back to the community by donating 4% of their annual sales to charitable programs. 4% of annual sales is 4x more than what most brands under 1% for the Planet give, so rather exceptional in the industry.

Pela - Canada

Pela's phone case
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Image By Pela

Pela is an avid believer in a waste-free future, and we’re inclined to agree! Their ultimate goal is to create everyday products using everyday waste to combat waste and environmental degradation.

What started as the seed of an idea in 2008 has now grown to be one of the world’s most loved eco friendly phone cases.

More About The Phone Cases

Pela’s eco friendly phone case collection has the most variation when it comes to phone models and versions. They have all the cases for iPhone, from the earlier iPhone 5 to the most recent iPhone 13.

For android phones, they also have options for Samsung and some for the Google Pixel and Huawei. Most eco friendly brands only stock cases for Samsung, so it’s nice to see that there are also cases available for some relatively less popular phones.

Their designs range from classic color-blocked cases to vibrant and modern patterns perfect for those looking for abstract designs. They even have some statement prints that add such a nice touch to each Pela case.

These phone cases have an excellent grip while remaining soft when you hold them, making for an ideal user experience and excellent protection against drops and scratches.

However, if wireless charging is important to you, you will need to buy an additional MagSafe module since the base case doesn’t come with a wireless option.

Overall, Pela’s collection of compostable and biodegradable phone cases is an excellent place to start looking for the best eco friendly phone case. This is especially true if you have one of the earlier iPhone models or a Samsung.

Materials & Sustainability

Each Pela case is made from a combination of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax wheat straw material. Although it is not 100% plant-based, the Pela case was actually the world’s very first compostable phone case (although several have already appeared on the market since then).

Each case is 35-40% biobased and is free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium, and lead. It also meets child safety standards in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Of course, the conversation on compostable plastics requires more nuance than just accepting it as our reality, and we know Pela agrees with this as well.

They are currently in the process of researching and developing alternatives that will give them the ability to sell cases with 100% bio-based content.

The good news is that these cases are entirely compostable! You can even chuck them in your garden compost, and they will degrade just fine (it may take a year, though).

Please do not throw your Pela phone case in the trash as it is likely to end up in landfills that way. A landfill is not a conducive compost environment, and the phone case will never degrade there; it’s just another piece of trash.

If you want to do so, you can even contact Pela, and they will recycle your old phone cases.

Ethics & Community

Pela’s eco friendly phone cases are made in Canada and South China. Their Canadian factory has been their partner since the first days of their journey, and Pela eventually acquired the factory itself.

Their factory partner in China was established in 2000 and employs 800 people.

As a B Corp, all Pela products are made under stringent social and environmental requirements that involve provisions on worker compensation.

Over the years, Pela has donated more than half a million dollars to grassroots movements through their partnership with 1% for the planet. They have also helped more than 30,000 people in Kenya gain access to clean water for a year.

Natch - Belgium

Natch's phone case
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Image by Natch

Natch believes in small actions that make a big impact. Although they’re one of the smaller brands on this list, their efforts in creating the perfect compostable phone case have not gone unnoticed.

More About The Phone Cases

Natch has a wonderful collection of eco friendly phone cases that come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns. The downside is that most of their eco phone covers are made for iPhones, and the only android case they have is for the Samsung 20.

Each case is plant-based and provides 360-degree protection against any scratches or bumps. That said, the cases themselves are not officially certified, so there’s no certainty against high drops.

Some of their cases have raised lips for the back camera to provide your phone with even more protection. Each phone case is also dirt-resistant and super soft to the touch.

Their nature and diversity-inspired designs make such an impact, especially if you’re a fan of florals and animals.

Materials & Sustainability

All Natch phone cases are primarily made with plant-based polymers that will decompose in home or commercial compost conditions.

These biodegradable phone cases are made of natural wheat straw and other renewable materials. Because they are made from biodegradable materials, they will easily go back into the earth once you’re ready to dispose of them.

Unlike standard plastic phone cases that mostly use petroleum-based plastics, Natch’s cases use natural materials that pay homage to our environment. Their prints are done using soy-based ink.

On top of that, all Natch phone cases are shipped in plastic-free recycled paper packaging (e.g., recycled cardboard).

Ethics & Community

Natch doesn’t specifically indicate where their cases are manufactured. However, they do give back to the community by donating at least 5% of their profits to organizations dedicated to ocean clean-up.

Natch is more than dedicated to providing high-quality products to their customer base, and with that, they offer free returns for their cases if the quality is not up to your standard.

Reveal - US

Reveal's phone case
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Image by Reveal

Reveal is an earth-friendly, luxury tech accessories brand. And although they make pretty cool products, high quality is only one part of their mission.

On a deeper level, they want to show the world that there’s a way to sustainably design tech products using natural-derived materials like wood, bamboo, cork, and other renewable components.

More About The Phone Cases

Reveal’s collection of the best eco friendly phone cases takes on a woodsy theme. They have walnut cases, bamboo phone cases, Nara wood folios, and even printed cork ones.

As of the moment, they only stock phone cases for iPhone models. If you have an older iPhone, that’s fine since they have options for iPhones 7-13.

Reveal’s case designs are sleek, elegant, and perfect for someone who wants to show their sophistication through their accessory choices. Because each style is relatively simple, the cases are very much gender-neutral and can be used by anybody.

Each case is, of course, unique from the others. Their design strategy doesn’t only involve aesthetics; it also captures function as well. They have phone cases for those who want a slim fit and don’t want too much bulk on their phone.

On the flip-side, they also have full coverage folio phone covers if you want that added protection and elegant handcrafted look.

Materials & Sustainability

Reveal uses a couple of primary materials in their products—namely, bamboo, wood, and cork. Cork is actually one of our favorite materials since it can be used for so many items and is one of the world’s most sustainable materials (when harvested responsibly, of course).

They also use a little bit of TPU for reinforcement for their cases.

It’s pretty clear that Reveal loves to use materials derived from nature, truly standing by their promise of using sustainable components for tech.

Although they don’t sell a biodegradable phone case, we think the durability of their products is still worth your money. If you care for your cases well, they should last you multiple times longer than traditional plastic phone cases.

Reveal also endeavors to reduce their carbon footprint in any way they can, therefore reducing their overall environmental impact.

Ethics & Community

As a brand, Reveal believes that organizations can make a genuine difference in the pursuit of a better future. To achieve this, they partner with change-making non-profits that align with their values and their goals.

Reveal also plants a tree for every product sold in their store! If you want to contribute to the revival of our endangered forests, buying from this company is a great way to support those initiatives.

Reveal has also donated more than $110,000 towards supporting and conserving endangered ecosystems.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about where Reveal manufactures their cases, so we hope transparency is something they continue to build as their brand grows.

Wild Case - London

Wild case's phone case
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Image By Wild Case

Founded just in 2019, Wild Case is a relatively new brand in the world of eco friendly tech accessories. Their mission is to protect coastlines, ecosystems, and animals through the use of alternative materials in eco friendly phone cases.

More About The Phone Cases

Wild Case offers eco friendly phone cases for iPhone and Samsung users. Right now, they only cater to a handful of Samsung variations and a good majority of iPhone models (you can get their cases for an iPhone 6 up to 12).

What we love most about Wild Case is their bold and colorful approach to design. In their printed collection, you will find vibrant fruits, lovely flowers, and many other quirky designs. If you’re looking for a phone case that’ll add some pizazz to your phone, this one is definitely for you.

Each phone case is guaranteed against a five ft. drop and is scratch resistant. The raised rim also provides additional protection for your screen, making this one of the better compostable phone cases you can choose from.

The phone case is also Certified FDA safety compliant, seamlessly merging safety and protection together with aesthetics.

Wild Case also offers some designs you can customize!

Materials & Sustainability

Each phone case is made from a mixture of biodegradable bioplastic and bamboo fiber. Because this phone case is still made from plastic, it technically cannot make our list of plastic-free phone cases.

However, it is a biodegradable phone case and will decompose in industrial conditions. While industrial composting does pose certain limitations to the product’s sustainability, we think it’s still much better than most conventional phone cases.

The phone case itself is free from environmentally damaging phthalates, BPA, and cadmium. Once it decomposes after six months, the final products are C20, H20, and biomass. The whole process is toxic-free.

Ethics & Community

Wild case is a relatively small production compared to the other brands we’ve shared here.

At their core, Wild Case believes that we need to do what we can to preserve our environment—and the harsh truth is that we still have so far to go.

The good news? There are so many of us. And even if our impact is small, we can all do something for the better.

Reboxed - UK

Reboxed's phone case
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Image By Reboxed

Reboxed is slightly different from the other brands we feature on this list in that their primary product isn’t phone cases.

Instead, the brand is an e-commerce platform looking to reduce waste in the tech industry and create a more sustainable outcome for the future of tech.

More About The Phone Cases

Reboxed has a pretty straightforward collection of phone cases. If you’re looking for a simple and sleek design that adds a bit of spice to your phone through bright colors, then you’ll find the best eco friendly phone case here.

Their cases are available for all iPhone models (including the iPhone SE) as well as some Samsung variations.

These one-piece iPhone cases have excellent drop protection and are surprisingly soft to the touch. The case itself is super slim and has a nice grip, making it easier for you to avoid drops and scratches.

Materials & Sustainability

Each Reboxed case is made with plant-based polymers and reclaimed wheat fibres, making them completely plastic-free! Since these are biodegradable materials, the resulting product is also a biodegradable case.

Since phone cases are not Reboxed’s main product line, their sustainability efforts aren’t centered on the cases themselves. Note that these compostable cases are still very eco friendly; it’s just that we’d like to highlight their efforts beyond the cases as well.

Reboxed is a big believer in reducing impact by extending the lives of our products. Through their efforts of rehoming phones, they significantly cut back the lifetime impact of the devices.

Moreover, Reboxed pays to offset each phone’s lifetime carbon dioxide emissions, which can have positive impacts on mitigating climate change.

Ethics & Community

Reboxed is rooted in the idea that great tech shouldn’t cost us the planet. And if you’re skeptical about the environmental price we’re paying for tech, just try and think where all those obsolete TV screens and mobile devices are going. Clue: they’re being disposed of to the tune of 50 million tons of e-waste per year.

Unfortunately, Reboxed is only a reseller of mobile products, and they have no say in how these products were actually made or the social conditions of production.

However, they are establishing a social responsibility program to improve their accountability towards local communities and their own workforce.


Final Thoughts

In today’s digital age, we’re at a point where we are hardly ever separated from our phones. Now, our prevalent fixation with our screens is a behemoth of an issue that warrants a separate discussion, but for now, we must understand that it is a reality we face today.

Keeping your phone safe from scratches, bumps, and drops is a no-brainer. And while choosing sturdy cases is an incredibly important factor, we should never forget to consider the environmental impact of the phone cases we choose.

And with that, we hope our guide helped you find the best eco friendly phone case for your needs. Whether you’re looking for recycled phone cases, compostable phone cases, or something made from recycled plastic, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect eco friendly case for your phone.



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