Vegan & Eco Friendly Toothbrush Brands For Everyone

From chewsticks to boar hair bristles, variants of tooth brushing tools have been around for thousands of years. Today, the classic plastic toothbrush has become one of our best friends, yet also an insidious plastic enemy.

Around a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the United States alone [1]. And every year, we continue to use more and more.

However, there has also been increased accessibility to more sustainable dental care options over the last decade, like those made from sustainably-grown bamboo, beechwood, and even castor oil!

Here are some of our favorite plant-based eco friendly toothbrushes that will help your journey to a low or zero waste lifestyle.

Brush With Bamboo - US

eco friendly toothbrush by Brush With Bamboo
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Brush with Bamboo is all about a clean mouth with a clean conscience. Avid advocates for sustainable living, this eco friendly oral care brand hopes to tackle the plastic waste issue brought about by the billions of plastic toothbrushes still in our landfills or environment.

Their Toothbrush Selection

From the brand’s name alone, we can already tell that their brushes are made of bamboo!

But unlike most bamboo toothbrushes, this brand’s sustainable toothbrush is entirely plant-based. Yes, even the bristles. However, although it’s completely biobased, this is still not a zero waste toothbrush,

Brush with Bamboo’s toothbrushes are available in extra soft and standard soft bristles. You can also get these brushes for children. The design itself is pretty classic, with the shape of the handle pretty close to what you would find in a standard plastic toothbrush.

These brushes are available in sets of 4, 12, and 36. Brush with Bamboo also has other dental care-related accessories like travel cases, brush holders, and dental floss.

Materials & Sustainability

This brand’s bamboo is wild-harvested from a mountain range in South China. Brush with Bamboo harvests less than 1% of the total range, so their impact isn’t detrimental to these natural resources.

Moreover, since these plants grow in the wild, they’re entirely organic. Meaning there aren’t any artificial pesticides or toxic chemicals used for cultivation. In addition, each time their supplier harvests a stalk of bamboo, it is completely replaced within two years!

When sourced responsibly, bamboo is one of the most sustainable plant-based materials in toothbrushes.

The bristles are where things get interesting. The brand uses 100% castor bean oil to make its bristles, making the material completely biobased. The toothbrush is even certified by the USDA to be 100% biobased!

And because they use castor bean oil, bristle production does not require any fossil fuels, typically used to make nylon.

However, these bristles are still not biodegradable. Sadly, although 100% plant-based, this is not a completely zero waste toothbrush.

Nevertheless, the brand is using a plant-based (and thus renewable) resource is already a step above the industry standard (even in the sustainability niche). It also gives us hope that innovative materials will crop up and help us generate less waste.

The brand’s packaging is fully compostable, so you can simply toss it in your home compost bin and let nature do its work.

Values & Community

This brand’s toothbrushes are made in the European Union and China. The bristles are made in the EU, while the handle sourcing and production happen in China.

The brand has a full-time American-managed team in China that oversees operations to ensure compliance with appropriate worker safety and good working conditions.

You can read more about their factory here. They detail and show photos of the factory they work with, so you can trust that your toothbrushes are made in clean and safe working conditions.

Truthbrush - UK

eco friendly toothbrush by truthbrush
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Founded by a friend-duo, Truthbrush believes in quietly disrupting the oral care industry’s status quo through innovation and the production of better, more sustainable alternatives.

Built on the truth and a promise that we can do better, Truthbrush is an oral care brand for the modern individual who believes in better solutions to pressing environmental problems.

Their Toothbrush Selection

Truthbrush’s bamboo toothbrush collection is nothing short of beautiful. With their sleek design and simplistic color palette, it’s no wonder so many people are invested in this brand! Their selection is beyond what any plastic toothbrush can give.

An all-woman team thoughtfully designs each product, and their dedication to intention is palpable in their products.

Their sustainable toothbrushes are available for adults and children, and you can get the brushes with color detailing on the bottom of the brush. Truthbrush has two strength options for their bristles: soft and medium.

You can also get a replaceable head for your electric toothbrush from Truthbrush’s collection.

The brand even has interdental brushes! So if you have braces, these sustainable interdentals are the perfect product to clean your teeth with little environmental impact.

If you’re traveling and you need good zero-waste toothpaste, you can also check out the brand’s award-winning toothpaste tablets! For more zero-waste toothpaste recommendations, feel free to check our guide.

Materials & Sustainability

Truthbrush handles are made from sustainably-sourced bamboo. Because bamboo is naturally resistant to pests, growing bamboo takes very little maintenance and does not require toxic chemicals—making it very easy to produce organically.

All the bamboo Truthbrush uses is sourced from China’s sustainably and responsibly managed forests. Additionally, all their bamboo is Forestry Stewardship Certified, which helps add credibility to their claims of responsible sourcing.

The exciting thing about this brand’s brushes is the bristles. Their bristles are made from a combination of nylon and castor bean oil. Even in the sustainable oral care industry, nylon is the most used material for bristles because it is the only viable option.

The only non-plastic bristle option is boar bristles, and indeed, many of you wouldn’t want boar bristle toothbrushes in your oral care routine. If you’re vegan, this would not be an option for you.

This has made looking for a non-plastic or biodegradable alternative challenging to achieve. Most brands have settled for simply using plastic bristles and making up for it with a compostable handle.

However, Truthbrush has decided to go beyond the standard and create a combination of 62% castor oil and 38% nylon to make their bristles. It isn’t a perfect solution, nor is it biodegradable, but it’s a step forward!

We are uncertain how blended nylon factors into the disposal, but we know that blending materials together can often make a product challenging to recycle.

However, most brands are already recommending that users throw out the bristles since they are too small, so the effect of blended materials in the bristles isn’t likely to have a significant impact.

Values & Community

Truthbrush products are made in China, but they didn’t specify further where and which factories they operate.

Truthbrush is a certified B Corporation—UK’s first oral care B Corp. So while we may not know the specifics of their operations, we know enough about their status as a brand that we can trust they are operating on the highest environmental and social standards.

Ecoroots - US

eco friendly toothbrush by EcoRoots
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Ecoroots was founded on the idea that everyday personal care shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment. Through various lifestyle and body products, this eco friendly brand is on a mission to provide more access to low-waste products made for every person, body, and identity.

Their Toothbrush Selection

Ecoroots’ has a couple of dental products in their store. Their eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes are excellent alternatives to conventional toothbrushes that will typically end up in the oceans or landfills.

With a compostable bamboo handle and recycled nylon bristles, this toothbrush will clean your teeth at no expense to the environment.

The soft bristles won’t hurt your gums, and they strike the perfect balance between being abrasive enough for proper cleaning and staying soft enough for optimum comfort.

While you can buy these brushes on their own, Ecoroots also has some dental bundles available.

If it’s your first time switching to an eco friendly dental routine, we highly recommend checking out their sets.

Materials & Sustainability

Ecoroots’ bamboo toothbrush is, of course, made from sustainably-sourced bamboo! Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant, making it one of the most sustainable materials available for use. Like the Chinese Moso bamboo, some variants can even grow up to almost a meter per day! [2]

The best part is that their bamboo is sourced organically, and that means absolutely no pesticides or harmful chemicals were used during planting.

The bristles are made from recycled nylon. Although nylon bristles aren’t the ideal material since nylon is a petroleum-based product, we appreciate the brand’s use of a recycled variant.

Once you’re done with the toothbrush, you can easily remove the bristles from the toothbrush and recycle the handle. The nylon bristles can be included in your textile recycling.

Although removing the bristles may seem like a hassle, using these low-waste brushes is much better than the plastic toothbrushes you can buy from the store.

Values & Community

Ecoroots is a firm believer in high-quality, sustainable products made only with the best ingredients. Their products are low-waste and are all handmade responsibly in small batches.

The brand’s products are never tested on animals, and all of their products are vegan. We’re also glad to share that their packaging materials are all plastic-free. They use shipping materials such as cardboard boxes and paper tape to avoid typical plastic packaging.

Ecoroots is also a member of 1% for the Planet(like us), donating at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Mable - US

Mable eco friendly toothbrush
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Mable began as a way to reduce consumer plastic waste and help reduce the amount of trash that eventually ends up in our environment—creating harm and pollution.

By providing consumers with sustainable, everyday alternatives, Mable is a champion for sustainable change that begins with what we do at home.

Their Toothbrush Selection

Mable started as a toothbrush brand, and while its vision is to become much more than just that, its main product is a bamboo toothbrush.

What sets their bamboo brushes from others on the market is that theirs are self-standing! With a flat, circular base, you can easily place these brushes on your countertop or bathroom shelf without needing any brush holders.

This bamboo brush comes in the standard handle color, but there is some colorful detailing on the bottom of each brush. If you’re buying for your family, these colors are an excellent way to distinguish which brush is for each family member.

Each brush handle is also certified 100% Biobased by the USDA.

We also love that Mable’s bamboo toothbrushes come in various sizes and bristle strengths. They have brushes for adults and kids, and the toothbrush bristles can be customized, depending on whether you like soft or medium-firm bristles.

They also have a charcoal variant available, and you can get regular eco friendly toothbrushes in the mail through their subscription.

Materials & Sustainability

Mable’s brushes are made using bamboo, a biodegradable and naturally antibacterial material. The brand sources its bamboo from FSC-certified sources, which guarantees that its bamboo is sustainably and ethically sourced.

They source bamboo from a forest in Ningbo, China, close to their manufacturing facility—reducing the impact of transportation.

The bristles are made from BPA-free nylon, and they do not contain toxic chemicals. The detailing is done using vegetable paint.

Mable’s packaging is completely plastic-free, and they even use soy-based inks for printing!

Values & Community

Mable only works with factories audited by independent parties to assure compliance with the brand’s ethical and sustainability standards.

So, although they mainly produce their products in China, they’re still adherent to the ethical standards to which we often hold sustainable brands.

Mable also has a pretty unique community-based giveback program. “Buy Give Teach” is the brand’s way to connect with people who may not yet have the financial autonomy to decide about the products they use.

They go around schools in San Francisco (and the rest of the US) to share access to sustainable products like their toothbrush and share more (fun) information about sustainability and the environment!

The Humble Co. - Sweden

The humble co eco friendly toothbrush
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Founded in 2013, The Humble Co. is a dental hygiene brand originating from Sweden. This brand is dentist-founded, and all its products have been designed under the supervision of dental professionals.

Understanding that there is no Planet B, Humble set out to create better sustainable and evidence-based alternatives to conventional dental care. Although based in Sweden, Humble is available in more than 70,000 retail locations across the globe.

Their Toothbrush Selection

The Humble Co. is a brand we’ve previously talked about for their excellent floss and toothpaste, and now it’s time to dig deeper into their eco friendly toothbrush collection!

The Humble brush is your standard bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles. What we love about their selection is the number of options available! If you’re a fan of switching up colors once in a while, you’ll love Humble.

Their eco friendly toothbrushes come in a variety of bristle colors. So although the handles themselves are pretty standard, you have some opportunity to get creative with the bristle colors.

Their bamboo toothbrushes are also available for kids! If you have kids or simply want to give them as gifts, Humble’s brushes are a great way to teach kids about sustainability while keeping it fun and engaging.

The brushes are available in different bristle strengths, which we think is a huge plus. You can get the bristles ultra-soft, soft, medium, and one made for sensitive teeth!

You can also get Humble brushes with replaceable heads, which provides an even better opportunity for more sustainable dental hygiene.

If you’re a fan of the electric toothbrush, we have good news! Humble also has replacement heads available for some electric toothbrushes. Although they do not manufacture the electric toothbrush themselves, these replacement heads are a good start.

Materials & Sustainability

Humble brushes are made from sustainably-sourced bamboo and nylon-6 sourced from DuPont, and they also use plant-based wax as some form of coating. All Humble brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

If this is your first time hearing about DuPont, they’re the original creators of nylon and spandex—and although these aren’t the most sustainable materials, they are ones we use a lot every day.

If you’d love to know more about the sustainability considerations of these materials, you can check out our comprehensive guides linked above.

The bamboo they use is, of course, sustainably sourced. The brand even makes it a point only to use bamboo that has grown 5 meters up, so they don’t get in the way of pandas and their bamboo diet!

The BPA-free nylon bristles are not biodegradable, although you could recycle them in a facility. However, the brand recommends simply including it in your household’s trash bin due to their small size.

If your local recycling facility can do something about the bristles, that’s the best option. However, curbside recycling may be able to accommodate super-small particles, so make sure to ask just in case.

Values & Community

The Humble Co. firmly stands for evidence-based wellness in the sustainability industry. Their products are all made under the watchful eyes of professionals, and you can trust their products to be high-quality, effective, and most of all, kind to the planet.

The company manufactures its products across China, Italy, and Portugal.

The brand’s giveback program is a foundation called The Humble Smile. Funded by Humble sales, the Humble Foundation seeks to provide preventive oral care to in-need communities worldwide.

Their work typically involves dietary interventions (against a sugary diet), monitored toothbrushing, and clinical procedures.

While most of us have access to even just the average toothbrush and toothpaste, numerous communities across the globe don’t. Dental health has increasingly become a privilege that so many people do not have access to, and we are more than glad to see Humble take a stand.

Georganics - UK

Georganics eco friendly toothbrush
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Georganics’ mission is to put natural, sustainable, and effective oral care in every home. With innovative products heavily inspired by nature, Georganics takes on oral care that makes living a low-impact lifestyle available for everyone.

With numerous certifications from bodies like Soil Association, Cruelty-free International, and Vegan Society, to name a few, Georganics is a trusted brand in an industry full of greenwashing.

Their Toothbrush Selection

Georganics’s main sustainable toothbrush product is their beechwood toothbrush. While most brands would typically use bamboo, this brand took the unconventional route and used beechwood instead.

Beechwood can also be used in producing sustainable cellulosic fibers.

Georganics uses BPA-free bristles that come in four different strengths.

Soft- medium bristles are most often recommended for the right balance between teeth cleaning and keeping your gums safe. But if you think you need more firmness when brushing the plaque off your teeth, then the firm bristles will be great for you.

Remember to avoid brushing your gums since firm bristles tend to be abrasive.

Some of their beechwood brush variants also have activated charcoal bristles, and those are great when used with other activated charcoal products (like your toothpaste).

If you’re looking for a (relatively) eco friendly electric toothbrush, Georganics also has a good Sonic electric toothbrush made with entirely recyclable components. While recyclable isn’t as good as a biodegradable toothbrush, it’s still a good option for those that need or prefer electric toothbrushes.

Materials & Sustainability

One of the best things about Georganics is how open they are about their materials. On their site, you’ll see all the materials details for every product they make, plus additional information on the material’s source and biodegradability!

Their beechwood toothbrushes are made from sustainably-sourced beechwood from Switzerland. Their wood only comes from forests that have been FSC-certified, which helps guarantee a sustainable material sourcing process.

The beechwood handle is entirely compostable and will break down in a home or industrial compost.

The bristles, on the other hand, are made from BPA-free nylon. They use nylon that is derived from rapeseed oil and sourced from Germany. Since it is made from nylon, it is not biodegradable, and however, it can still be recycled.

Most oral care brands recommend simply chucking the bristles out with your trash since they’re too tiny for curbside recycling. Georganics, however, takes responsibility to a different level.

Their Zero to Landfill program, or ZTL, is a way for customers to send back their toothbrush heads for Georganics to recycle through Terracycle. You only need to snap off the head, compost the toothbrush handle, send the snapped head to Georganics, and you’re good to go!

Just remember to send at least four brush heads at a time to justify the impact generated by shipping. This process should take about a year’s worth of beechwood toothbrushes. You can read more about ZTL here.

Values & Community

Georganics is accredited by multiple associations worldwide. These include certifications from Cruelty-free International to ensure absolutely no animal testing and the Vegan Society, marking that none of their products are made at the expense of animal lives.

The brand is also certified by Cosmos Organic as natural and organic!

We couldn’t find any direct information about where their products are currently being produced. Still, we know that Georganics has their factory (although no specifics on what’s being made there).

We also know that Georganics is a Living Wage employer. This UK-based living wage guarantees that all employees are paid enough for their daily needs, including random visits to the dentist.

To give back, Georganics is a member of 1% for the Planet, which signifies that they donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Preserve - US

preserve eco friendly toothbrush
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Preserve is a pioneer in the sustainability industry. The brand has been around since 1996, a time when sustainable products were few and far between.

After decades of improvement in recycling systems, innovative and sustainable materials, and performance-driven design, Preserve continues to promote accessible low-impact living.

Their Toothbrush Selection

The Preserve toothbrush is the product that started it all. Made with recycled yogurt cups, this eco friendly toothbrush is an excellent alternative to conventional plastic brushes.

While the Preserve toothbrush is still made of plastic, the brand’s utilization of recycled materials opens up opportunities to deal with the ever-growing amount of plastic waste we generate.

The toothbrushes are available in various vibrant colors, and there are options for kids as well. If you have a little one at home you’re trying to teach the value of proper brushing; these colorful toothbrushes are a great starting point!

Preserve doesn’t have any bristle strength options, and the main difference lies in whether you get a toothbrush for a child or an adult. But rest assured, these brushes were designed under consultation with dental professionals.

The toothbrush itself has tiered bristles, and the handle is ergonomically designed for an easy grip, especially when you’re getting to hard to reach places.

Materials & Sustainability

Preserve toothbrushes are made from recycled plastics. Although plastics aren’t the first material we would prefer for our toothbrushes, they are still much better than regular toothbrushes.

Some people cannot get behind the feel and build of a bamboo toothbrush. And if you’re one of them, this toothbrush made from recycled components is a close alternative.

The bristles are made of nylon, which you can either dispose of or recycle with a trusted facility (i.e., Terracycle).

Preserve also has a recycling program named Gimme 5, a platform for recycling #5 plastics. Unfortunately, the program is currently out of commission due to pandemic-related logistic concerns, but it should be up again when commercially and environmentally feasible.

Values & Community

Preserve is a certified B Corporation. Their B Corp status is a public declaration of their commitment to social and environmental standards that wouldn’t otherwise be present in conventional business practices.

Preserve has been a B Corp since 2011 (which is quite a long time!), and they have consistently ranked within the top 5-10% of B Corps for their environmental impact.

Preserve products are made in the US, with a few exceptions(like their razor). And because Preserve is a B Corporation, we can trust that its business practices are ethical, well-meaning, and beneficial for all stakeholders.

Final Thoughts

Caring for your teeth doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. With these solid options, you can say goodbye to your conventional toothpaste and toothbrush and be well on your way to a low or zero waste bathroom!

A plant-based toothbrush made from sustainable bamboo can take some getting used to, but the results are 100% worth it.




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