Eco Friendly Water Bottles To Responsibly Drink Out Of

Did you know that Americans still buy around 50 billion plastic water bottles per year? [1].

Staggering as it may sound, people are still quite reliant on single-use plastic, and we need to change that one bottled water at a time.

Ditching your plastic water bottles is one of the first switches you should make if you’re new to practicing a sustainable lifestyle. It’s an effortless switch that will not only make your water drinking routine more sustainable, it will also save money.

But it isn’t just a simple case of buying a water bottle and calling it a day! If you want to take it a step further, we highly encourage you to first assess the materials and brand before purchasing.

For materials, go for a stainless steel or glass water bottle. These types have the best quality with the least environmental impact. If you’re using a water bottle for more rugged use, avoid the glass and go straight to the stainless steel options.

We wouldn’t recommend plastic bottles unless they are your only option. These plastic bottles are still made from petrochemicals and typically have shorter lifespans.

If you do choose to go this route, make sure to choose BPA-free plastic bottles and assess for further environmental benefits (such as verifying water bottle is made from recycled materials).

Klean Kanteen - US

Klean & Kanteen eco friendly water bottle
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Klean Kanteen‘s story is built on environmental conservation, passion for adventure, and the love for replacing single-use plastic. Started in California, KK is now one of the world’s most prominent brands of eco friendly water bottles.

As a family-owned and certified B-Corp, this brand truly uses its business as a force of good, staying true to its roots and its beliefs.

More About The Water Bottles

Klean Kanteen has a great selection of BPA-free stainless steel water bottles. Their drinkware collection houses options from mugs and tumblers to bottles and canteens. They even have little 5 0z baby bottles!

Regardless of age or personal style, you’re almost guaranteed to find an eco friendly water bottle that you love and adore.

KK’s main design for the body is a simple cylindrical shape with a thick neck to hold the cap and seal in the temperature of your hot drinks or cold water.

Their water bottles are available in so many different colors and patterns, allowing you to have as much fun as you want!

Their bottle sizes range from as little as 5 oz (for babies) to as much as 64 oz (ideal for groups or road trips).

You can also change the cap of each water bottle, depending on what you’re using it for. They have cafe caps, pour-through caps, loop caps, a bamboo lid, and plenty more options.

You can also buy these caps separately.

Klean Kanteen has some of the best double wall insulation technologies, and their vacuum insulation can keep your cold drinks refreshing for up to 100 hours! This is the only water bottle we’ve seen that claims to do this, but if you know of any others, feel free to comment!

If you’re looking for an eco friendly water bottle that you can use for camping or trips that last more than a day, we would highly recommend considering Klean Kanteen.


Klean Kanteen’s eco friendly water bottles are 100% BPA-free and do not contain any plastic.

The bottle’s interior is made of electropolished 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that will not affect the taste of your ice-cold water or hot beverages.

The best part is that KK now uses 90% recycled steel in many of its products. Using recycled steel allows the company to save around 40% of its greenhouse emissions from stainless steel.

By 2023, 95% of KK products will be made from this new recycled steel material. We love that KK bottles do not only reduce plastic pollution but also have a lesser impact due to the recycled component.

Klean Kanteen’s outer finish is chip-free and super durable. If you’ve ever owned a reusable bottle before, you’d know that the outer coating often chips with repeated use.

If you follow the recommended washing directions, each bottle will serve you for years to come.

With eco friendly and premium materials, a KK bottle is an excellent sustainable solution to eco friendly hydration.

Company Values

Klean Kanteen is climate-neutral certified, and they have been so since 2019. Being climate-neutral means they assess every part of their process for emissions and try to reduce them where possible.

The excess is then offset with carbon credits. You can learn more about carbon emissions here.

Each environmentally friendly water bottle is designed in Chico, California, and responsibly made in China.

Like many of the other brands on this list, there seems to be little customer information available on product manufacturing. This is something we hope will change soon.

All that said, Klean Kanteen is a certified B-Corp. So although we might not know the specifics, we still have some independent proof that KK operates under environmentally friendly standards and safe working conditions.

KK is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental initiatives.

Corkcicle - US

purple eco friendly water bottle by corkcicle
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Corkcicle began in 2010, and their entire brand was the fruit of just a single question: how to chill wine mess-free. Although it seems like such a niche question, their inquiry led them to innovate countless other products that now shape the brand today.

With inventive, innovative, and iconic designs, Corkcircle definitely deserves a spot on this list of the best eco friendly water bottles.

More About The Water Bottles

Corkcicle has among the largest collections of drinkware on this list (if not the largest). They have countless versions of an eco friendly water bottle, and you’ll surely have a great time picking from their extensive collection.

Plus, their designs are phenomenal. In their collection, you will find minimally-styled options and more extravagant ones like cosmic designs and fandom-based styles. It’s honestly refreshing to see how creative they can get with their designs.

Each reusable water bottle has different features, although we would highly recommend going for one of their canteens (either standard or sports-use) if you’re buying a water bottle for everyday drinking water.

The canteens can keep your drinks cold and hot the longest (up to 25 hours cold and 12 hours hot). This allows for all-day-long refreshment, no matter where you are. They are also available in 60 oz. bottles, perfect for keeping refreshments cool during picnics or short road trips.

But if you’re looking for more tumbler-like water bottles, then just go for their classic tumblers. Their temperature control properties are significantly less impressive than the canteens, but you get more of that cafe-bought coffee experience.

A good middle ground between these two would be their commuter-cup line. Shaped like a cylinder, this stainless steel water bottle can keep your beverages cold or hot while you’re traveling. It also features a spill-proof sip lid for incredibly convenient travel.

Corkcicle also has a decent selection of eco friendly water bottles for kids. Their designs are super fun and are sure to catch your child’s attention. The bright colors could even help remind your kid to hydrate!

Other than the bottles themselves, you can also purchase additional accessories like replacement lids, straws, slings, and plenty more.


All Corkcicle drinkware products are made with triple insulated 18/8, premium-grade stainless steel. All their drinkware meets FDA standards, so you can rest assured that your water bottle is completely safe.

The lids are made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, which is durable and safe for drinks.

From there, each product line can be made with a variety of other materials. Some of the most common added features are the silicone base grips and the signature flat sides. These added features all contribute to the overall ease of use of each Corkcicle product.

If you are buying a canteen, they come with a leak-free lid. The commuter cup and tumbler only come with a spill-proof lid so you can safely store the drinks in an upright position, even when you’re moving.

However, they are not completely spill-proof, so don’t stash them in your bag haphazardly.

If you’re interested in knowing the specific materials used for these reusable bottles, check out this helpful guide.

As always, we would highly suggest properly caring for these water bottles. While they are no doubt durable and can withstand some damage, caring for your belongings will help them last so much longer, which equates to less impact in the long run.

Company Values

Corkcicle highly values innovation and high-quality design and production. All their products are designed in Orlando, Florida but are made in factories all across China.

The brand indicates that its factories are audited for the best practices concerning worker safety, environmental compliance, as well as labor ethics. Although we would have loved to see more on these topics, it’s already pretty good that they’re talking about production.

The brand gives back to the community by bringing clean water to areas in need. You can read more about this particular project here.

Hydro Flask - US

eco friendly water bottle by hydroflask
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Hydro Flask is one of the most popular plastic bottles on the market. They’re known for their colorful bottles and the sheer variety of options available under their brand.

With thoughtful and beautifully designed gear, Hydro Flask believes that they can help people move towards nature, towards happiness, and towards each other.

More About The Water Bottles

Hydro Flask’s reusable water bottles are available in several options—wide mouth, standard mouth, lightweight, and kid-friendly water bottles.

You can also get a Hydro Flask in 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, all the way up to 40 0z. If you’re looking for something that can hold plenty of volumes, Hydro Flask is one of the top choices.

Each reusable water bottle can keep your drink hot or cold for hours, thanks to the TempShield™ double-wall vacuum insulation that helps eliminate condensation. If you’re a fan of iced drinks or cold water, getting these insulated flasks is an excellent plus.

Each water bottle is coated with a special powder coating that assists with the product’s grip, ensuring that you can take your Hydro Flask wherever you go.

There are plenty of color options, from bright colors like teal, magenta, and orange to more subdued shades like black and olive.

One of the unique features of a Hyrdo Flask water bottle is its customizability. You can buy different caps for your flask, and even add colorful bottle boots for additional traction.

For instance, if you often use your flask for drinks, you can get an additional straw lid for easier drinking. You can get lids for sports as well.

These caps aren’t just for aesthetics, though. They also help seal your drink’s temperature so you can stay refreshed hours later.

With their many options, we would definitely recommend Hydro Flask if you’re buying reusable water bottles for your whole family. They offer a wide range of colors, styles, and designs suitable for kids and adults alike.


Each Hydro Flask is made out of stainless steel. The best part? It’s made out of 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel that doesn’t retain or transfer flavor, keeping your drinks taste just like they’re supposed to.

Your drinks will stay cold in your flask for up to 24 hours and remain hot for up to 12. These insulating properties are all thanks to a combination of their TempShield technology and the honeycomb structure within the cap that helps seal in temperature.

The cap is made of a strong TPU material, and the straps were specifically designed to avoid damage and breakage along the stainless steel pivots.

Of course, each bottle is BPA-free, and you will have no issues regarding the safety of each material used to make each Hydro Flask.

Innovation is the primary driver of the brand’s production process. Their products are popular and well-loved because they work fantastic, thanks to high-quality components that don’t compromise.

Hydro Flask has a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects (“life” referring to the life of the product), but we highly recommend following their care instructions to keep your water bottle with you for years.

Company Values

Hydro Flask is headquartered in Bend, Oregon, although they do not indicate if this is where their products are made as well.

The brand itself champions simplicity with everything from product efficiency to aesthetic design. While we would have loved more transparency with production methods, we do appreciate their commitment to making quality products that last.

They have also created a charity called “Parks for All,” which promotes public green spaces for healthier and happier lives for all. They have thus far donated to more than 151 non-profits with a cumulative dollar value of more than $2.5 million.

Overall, Hydro Flask is one of the most accessible brands for eco friendly water bottles. We highly recommend them if you’re up for something simple yet functional at all levels.

S'well - US

onyx eco friendly water bottle by Swell
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S’well is all about making sustainable living stylish, innovative, and most of all, a source of joy. What started as a 17-ounce bottle has now expanded into one of the most popular brands for your hydration needs.

More About The Water Bottles

If you’re looking for an eco friendly water bottle that keeps cold and hot drinks at their optimum temperature, S’well is an excellent brand.

Each vacuum insulated water bottle from S’well can keep your drinks cold for up to 48 hours and hot for 24. These extended hours, matched with their larger sizes (40 & 64 oz), are perfect for longer trips where you may need the added insulation for more than a day.

This brand’s products come in a variety of lines. Namely, the Original, Roamers, Travelers, and Tumblers. These products have unique features that truly set them apart from other stainless steel water bottles on the market.

Their original water bottle is available in 9 0z, 17 0z, and 25 oz. You can easily use this reusable water bottle for everyday drinking water or keeping drinks cold throughout the day.

However, the original design does have a narrow spout, so it’s not the best option for drinks that need a straw. If you are going for that type of bottle, we suggest going for the tumbler instead. That way, you have a wide mouth for ice cubes and straw inserts.

S’well also makes excellent designs! While they have some classic designs like black and white, we love how they incorporate more creative patterns like wood and minerals.

They also have bottle accessories like straws, handles, filters, etc.


S’well products are made of eco friendly water bottle materials that come at no expense to the environment. Their main component is a triple-layered vacuum-insulated, high-grade 18/8 stainless steel. This is what gives their water bottles exceptional temperature regulation.

Each bottle is completely BPA-free and does not contain any BPS. Thanks to their temperature regulation technology, their eco friendly water bottles will not “sweat” or condense on the outside.

Company Values

S’well, through their products, is determined to bring style and joy to sustainable living. Their innovative designs and product features clearly prove their lasting commitment to this directive.

All S’well products are designed in New York City and responsibly manufactured in China. Like with many other brands on this list, we hope that moving forward, there will be more transparency in the supply chain for these brands.

Whenever shopping sustainably, it’s also essential to consider the social impact of the products you are buying. Hence, we would love to see more information on the ethical practices that brands like S’well are currently engaged in.

Takeya - US

eco friendly water bottle by Takeya
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Takeya is a Japan-born and California-raised hydration solutions company. With a simple mission of inspiring, energizing, and celebrating fitness enthusiasts through cool refreshments, this brand offers great alternatives to the plastic bottle you have at home.

More About The Water Bottles

Takeya makes eco friendly water bottles for everybody from office workers to fitness enthusiasts. Although the brand was initially intended for fitness purposes, they now have eco friendly water bottles for different uses and scenarios.

Not all of their water bottles are insulated, and not all of them are made of stainless steel. Of course, if you are specifically looking for a stainless steel water bottle, they still have a wide variety of options.

Some of their water bottles are made from BPA-free plastic and glass. Material-wise, we would highly recommend going for either the glass water bottle or the stainless steel water bottle. These are eco friendly materials that (frequently) generate lesser impact than plastic.

With the many options at Takeya, it can be challenging to pick out the perfect bottle. If you’re overwhelmed, we’d suggest going back to their Originals line and choosing from their 18 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and 40 oz bottles.

Each insulated Takeya bottle can keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids steaming for 12. Most of their eco friendly water bottles are also dishwasher safe, and the lids are top-rack dishwasher safe for easier cleaning. The last thing you want is mold and bacteria growing on your bottle lid!

We also love how colorful and vibrant their color palette is⁠—perfect for those who love to move their bodies and have fun while doing so. If you’re up for some matching fun, try coordinating your bottle with your yoga mat.

As a side note, Takeya also has other bottles you can use at home. Their pitcher collections are perfect for storing filtered water or using it as a fruit infuser! The full-length infuser basket is excellent for making fresh lemon water, among many other flavors.

Check out our guide on making fruit-infused water here.


Takeya’s double-wall insulation is made from pure 18/8, food-grade stainless steel. This helps keep your drink temperature stable and will avoid condensation on the outside of your bottle.

Even the lid is insulated to really help lock the cold (or heat) in.

The lid is made from BPA-free plastic and is thoughtfully designed to create optimum comfort for the user. Each lid has a built-in carrying loop and spout, making it easier to drink water and transport your bottle.

The lid also has a silicone band that makes for a solid grip and easier opening. Because it has both a wide and spout opening, you can easily fit ice cubes inside your bottle and keep your water cold for longer.

And yes, the spout is leak-proof.

The powder coating is also really durable on its own. But to take it further, Takeya also includes a silicone bumper for the bottle of their eco friendly water bottles, protecting it from dents or nicks, especially as you’re putting it down on abrasive surfaces.

If you have a more active lifestyle and bring your water bottle anywhere you go, the silicone bumper is a handy accessory for increasing the life of your water bottle.

Company Values

Takeya believes in high-quality products that last a long time. Most plastic bottles, even reusable ones, have a pretty limited life. By creating eco friendly water bottles that last longer, the brand helps customers generate less environmental impact as they stay hydrated.

Takeya products are made in China. They did not detail further what factories they work with and under what conditions employees operate in. This is the one downside of the brand, and we hope they become more informative in the future.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect leak-proof bottle for your hot or cold beverages is now made easy by the number of eco friendly water bottle brands currently on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a bamboo lid or a wide spout, the preceding featured brands will have an eco friendly water bottle for you.

As always, don’t forget to care for your bottles to extend their life and limit their impact as much as you can!



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