Comfortable & Sustainable Hoodies For Your Wardrobe

A good, reliable hoodie is one of the very first things most of us reach for when we don’t know what to wear.

Perfect for early morning runs and your capsule wardrobe for the colder months, hoodies are your best buddies when it comes to something quick and easy to throw on any day.

But these versatile garments are often made from unsustainable materials like polyester or conventionally-produced cotton.

Making sure your hoodies are ethically-produced and made from sustainable materials is a small but relevant aspect of moving forward in sustainable living.

For starters, we would suggest hoodies made from eco friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, or recycled polyester (to a certain extent). Your eco friendly hoodies should also be made by workers who are paid a fair and living wage.

With that, here are some of our best recommendations for sustainable hoodies that help combat climate change and reform the fast fashion industry.

Colorful Standard - Denmark

sustainable black hoodie
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Colorful Standard is all about elevating the status quo of the fashion industry to something more ethical to workers and more considerate of the environment.

As a brand, CS believes in giving where they take and remaining climate positive even in an environmentally-damaging industry like fashion.

The Hoodie Collection

CS’ selection of sustainable hoodies is available in gender-neutral designs in men’s and women’s sizes.

Their hoodies come in pretty standard designs, and you can choose the classic hoodie design with long sleeves and a handy pocket, but you could also go for the zip-up hoodie option.

Colorful Standard’s ethical hoodies will leave you spoilt for color options. They have plenty of colors ranging from classic neutrals like black and white to more dynamic colors like pastels and mauves.

The hoodies are available in sizes XS to 2XL—at six sizes, they’re already offering a decent size range. However, note that their smaller and larger sizes tend to go pretty quickly, so you’ll have to cop them fast when they’re available.

All the hoodies are PETA-approved vegan, so they’re excellent for all vegans or vegetarians! The clothes are anti-pilling and are fabric brushed on the inside, giving you optimum comfort anytime.

For a primer on vegan fashion, here’s our quick guide.

Materials & Sustainability

The hoodies are made of 100% organic cotton and come pre-washed and garment-dyed. All their other products are 100% organic cotton as well, so you can take your pick from their wide selection of sustainable fashion.

Organic cotton can be grown with the help of rainwater and require no artificial pesticides or fertilizers to grow, creating a much more sustainable production process.

Colorful Standard’s use of organic cotton can result in up to 94% less greenhouse emissions and pesticide use.

Some CS products are made with recycled Merino Wool, so not all their products are vegan-friendly.

CS also uses environmentally-friendly dye, and their colors do not come at the expense of the environment. All their dyes are OEKO-TEX certified, so you can rest assured that their vibrant shades are free of harmful chemicals.

The brand also uses other sustainability measures, such as using recycled FSC packaging and streamlining its cutting and finishing processes to reduce waste.

Overall, the brand seriously identifies with sustainability, and we see this manifest in the way they produce and market their products.

Ethics & Community

Although CS is based in Denmark, their production arm is located in Portugal, where they have their own manufacturing center.

Keeping all production processes within the EU provides for easier monitoring of manufacturing while also ensuring ethical practices are consistently enforced in factories.

Being under European Labor Law, all factory employees they work with are paid fair wages for their labor.

Moreover, CS properly maintains their factories to ensure employee comfort. They also provide benefits like shared cars to provide transportation to employees who may need some assistance getting to the workplace.

Colorful Standards gives back to the community through their program for kids in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There, they built an all-purpose activity center from scratch, allowing kids to just be kids and simply play!

They regularly contribute to the center’s maintenance and even provide jerseys and materials for local players. By purchasing a CS hoodie, you also support children and their dreams of sports and play.

Ninety Percent - London

sustainable hoodie by ninetypercent
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Ninety Percent is a London-based clothing label that has built its entire business on the premise of giving back.

Unprecedented even in the sustainable fashion industry, Ninety Percent donates 90% of its distributable profits to various charities and causes, all in the spirit of creating change for the world we want.

The Hoodie Collection

Ninety Percent is all about creating classic pieces with sustainable materials that last. Their hoodie collection comes in several classic designs in familiar yet elevated styles and cuts.

Consistent with the brand’s goal of producing timeless clothing, their classic hoodies are pieces you can wear time and time again.

They have zipped hoodies, cropped hoodies, as well as loopback hoodies.

The brand’s color palette leans strongly towards light neutrals like beige, pale yellow, cream, and light mauve shades. But if you’re preference is darker, they also have black and blue.

What we love most about the brand’s sustainable hoodies are the fantastic designs that deviate just a little bit from conventional, giving each piece an extra edge that sets it apart from others.

The hoodies are available in sizes XXS to XL (but don’t forget to factor in the oversized fit).

If you’re a big fan of fashionable and versatile sustainable clothing, we highly suggest taking a peek at Ninety Percent’s collection.

Materials & Sustainability

Ninety Percent uses a variety of eco friendly materials for their clothing. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton, hemp, Tencel lyocell, natural linen, and a variety of other quality fabrics.

The hoodies are made of 100% organic cotton, and they come in different weights and thicknesses. Some designs are made for heavier wear, while others are lighter and more suited for casual use.

Organic cotton is one of the most eco friendly fabrics available today. Organically-produced cotton is typically made on small farms with sustainable and sometimes even regenerative methods.

Organic cotton is never made with any toxic chemicals, fertilizers, or any material that will contaminate water, soil, and nearby wildlife.

Even better, the GOTS certification on their materials makes the organic designation much more credible, and we can trust that the fabric was really made under sustainable circumstances.

Ninety Percent is committed to using only eco friendly materials in their clothing collection. If you want to know more about their practices, you can read more here.

Ethics & Community

Ninety Percent products are made in two factories located in Bangladesh. As a clothing brand with ethics always at the forefront of processes, Ninety Percent only collaborates with factories that produce under safe and healthy working conditions.

Their factories pay fair wages and provide benefits to employees. One of their partners was even the first factory in Bangladesh to offer health insurance to all workers!

The brand also has a partner factory in Turkey, where some of their hoodies are produced.

Aside from a commitment to ethics in the workplace, Ninety Percent consistently gives back to the community through 90% of their distributable profits.

Each product bought will support one of five charities, which is indicated on each product description. This way, you know precisely which cause your product is supporting.

Iron Roots - The Netherlands

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Founded in 2017, Iron Roots was founded on the concept of plastic-free activewear. With a combination of design, functionality, and sustainability, the brand has successfully moved beyond the synthetic barriers of sportswear.

The Hoodie Collection

Iron Roots doesn’t have a full-fledged hoodie collection, but we decided to include them because they have an excellent performance hoodie that’s perfect for those of you who want a hoodie for sports applications.

Their Hemp hoodie comes in only one color, Sand Grey, but it is neutral enough that you can use it for everyday wear.

The performance hoodie is perfect for all types of sports and activities, from cycling, yoga, CrossFit, you name it. Naturally antibacterial, this hoodie keeps you warm while you’re doing your favorite fitness activities.

This plastic-free hoodie is also super breathable, making it suitable for all climates.

Materials & Sustainability

A unique thing about Iron Roots is that their sportswear is not made from plastics! More than 90% of all sportswearcontains polymers or some other form of plastic, so it’s pretty revolutionary for the brand to make plastic-free activewear.

Their hoodies are made with a blend of 30% hemp and 70% organic cotton, resulting in a comfortable fabric that still retains its performance qualities.

For best use, we recommend following the brand’s care instructions. Because the clothes are made from natural fabrics, they need extra attention, especially if you use them as activewear.

Ethics & Community

Iron Roots only partners with factories that are dedicated to fair production standards. They work with various factories, and their products are made in different factories with different specialties.

Their primary locations are in Greece and Portugal, where they partner with GOTS and SMETA-certified factories.

Anchal - US

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Anchal is a non-profit with a design philosophy heavily rooted in creating modern, contemporary items with traditional materials and methods.

Founded in 2012, Anchal has been honoring slow fashion since its inception through hand-stitched products made using low-impact dyes and fabrics.

The Hoodie Collection

Anchal has a relatively small hoodie collection, but they make up for it by offering unique two-toned and patchwork designs that you would have trouble finding in other stores.

Anchal’s collection is perfect for those who really love hoodies. Because their products are not your typical basics, they are perfect for wearing as statement pieces to add a little bit of spice to your outfit.

The brand also offers the option of choosing either the “cropped” or “tall” version of their hoodies, so you can easily select the option that fits perfectly with your frame.

The hoodies are available in sizes S to XXL.

This gender-neutral sweatshirt has five layers of high-quality cotton, providing optimum comfort for lounging or going out on errands.

Do note that this Fair Trade hoodie costs a little bit more than usual at an average of $240. If you have the extra budget, we still recommend it because of the high-quality materials Anchal uses.

To extend the life of your hoodie, make sure to follow proper care instructions.

Materials & Sustainability

Each Anchal hoodie is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. These fabrics are dyed with low-impact and natural plant dyes, giving off hues that aren’t just pretty; they’re good for the environment too!

Using low-impact dyes also helps ensure that no toxic chemicals from the production process are leaking into the environment.

Other Anchal products are made using recycled organic cotton saris, and these items are then handcrafted using simple, traditional stitches. Each Anchal product is handmade, so it’s crucial to care for them properly.

Sustainability is a core tenet at Anchal, and all the processes throughout their supply chain are always one with the planet and sustainability in mind.

Their styles are heavily inspired by everyday life and are rooted in traditional methods with a touch of modern design.

If you are interested in learning more about the brand’s design philosophy, read more here.

Ethics & Community

Each Anchal product is made Fair Trade, and each product showcases a personal signature by the maker.

Since the clothes are made Fair Trade, we are assured that they are produced under ethical working conditions and that the workers are compensated fairly for their labor.

The brand’s website also has a page dedicated to showcasing their artisans! You can get to know them right here.

Before anything else, Anchal is a non-profit organization. Their longevity as an organization is improved because they drive social impact through sales versus donations.

The brand addresses global issues surrounding employment inequality through skills and design training, sustainable employment, education, health services, community, and providing better access to markets.

You can learn more about Anchal’s non-profit initiatives here.

Tentree - Canada

sustainable hoodie from Tentree Canada
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Tentree is on a mission to plant ten trees for every purchase made in their store. With the goal of making significant, sustainable change accessible to everybody, this clothing brand actively promotes ethical manufacturing standards for the most sustainable essentials.

The Hoodie Collection

Tentree has an adorable (and extensive) collection of hoodies and sweatshirts you can wear out on a morning run, on a chilly evening, or even when running errands.

They have plenty of different hoodie designs that are equal parts comfortable and functional. These garments come in various colors that mainly lean towards warm, earthy shades. Their selection also features a couple of light, pastel colors here and there.

What sets these hoodies apart is that they come in super cute prints and designs, sending you a new wave of good vibes with each wear. But if you prefer plain sweatshirts, Tentree also has those in stock.

You can get zip hoodies, kangaroo hoodies, printed hoodies, embroidered hoodies, and plenty more!

Tentree items come in sizes S-XL, which we know isn’t the most size-inclusive range. We hope Tentree will continue to explore more sizes in the future, thus making their vision of accessible, sustainable fashion a reality.

Materials & Sustainability

We all know that materials tend to be one of the most environmentally damaging aspects of any production process. In line with their vision, Tentree only uses sustainable materials that reflect sustainable living and kindness to the environment.

The brand uses fabrics like Tencel, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp. With sustainable fabrics like these, you can explore your personal style in a way that does not harm the planet.

The sweatshirts are often made from organic cotton, although they may use some of their other eco friendly materials.

Tentree has also partnered with GreenStep in developing a method of calculating their impact versus conventional production from other brands. For related reading, you can view the full methodology here.

Ethics & Community

Tentree garments are designed in Canada and ethically made in China (as well as other locations). All their products are made with the same values of transparency, sustainability, and respect they apply in choosing their non-toxic fibers.

In addition, Tentree is a certified B Corp. So while they may outsource their labor, we are given a guarantee that work is always done under ethical and safe standards.

You can check their Factory Ledger for complete details on where each factory is located, what products they make or which supplies they provide, and any relevant certifications.

Mate the Label - US

sustainable hoodie by matethelabel
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With the goal of providing essentials that are clean from seed to skin, Mate the Label focuses on creating value through environmentally-friendly products that are kind to your body and the environment.

The Hoodie Collection

Mate the Label’s collection is more focused on Men’s hoodies, but they can be worn regardless of whether you dress feminine or masculine (and everything in between). If you like a loose fit, these hoodies will be perfect for you.

The hoodies come in neutral colors like gray and cream, but they are also available in darker colors like royal blue and black. The color selection isn’t the most extensive, but if you’re looking for a good, reliable hoodie, you know where to look.

The hoodies are available in sizes S to XXL, which is already a decent size selection. Although the size range isn’t entirely in line with size inclusivity, five sizes are quite a good place to start.

Mate also features a cost per wear (CPW) of their products, which indicates how much you are paying for each wear of the garment. The more you wear each piece, the lower the cost of wear will be.

We highly suggest you take advantage of this feature since it will help you determine the true value of each piece of clothing.

Materials & Sustainability

Mate the Label uses a variety of materials for their sweat sets, crew sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. They use fabrics like linen, Lyocell, and cotton jersey, among many other eco friendly fabrics.

But for their hoodies, in particular, they use a combination of cotton fleece and organic cotton. Even the thread they use is made of cotton (versus polyester from most brands).

Using organic cotton provides for a better carbon footprint as these hoodies are made with 21.3% less carbon than if they were made with conventional cotton.

The result of the mix is a super soft and ultra-comfortable fabric wearable for many different types of weather.

Mate believes that fashion isn’t simply an industry; it is an ecosystem. It is with this mindset that they approach each stage of the supply chain with sustainability in mind.

Each fabric they use is carefully chosen for their environmental quality, ensuring that each Mate piece is made clean, right from the very beginning.

If you are interested in learning more about Mate’s sustainability initiatives, you can read up on it in their comprehensive Impact Report.

Ethics & Community

We are happy to share that Mate the Label shares the same enthusiasm for its workers that it does for the environment.

Every single one of their items is made within 15 miles of their headquarters in LA. This means no outsourcing and no vague labor regulations from other countries.

They strictly follow California Labor Laws, and their workplace is continuously operated under ethical standards. Although they do not produce Fair Trade clothing per se, their process meets Fair Trade criteria, which is a good indication of positive ethics in the workplace.

Mate also gives back to the community, and they donate to non-profits advocating for select issues such as cultivating a racially-equitable society. You may also find more details on their impact report.

Best of all, the brand is always set on improving, and they are currently eyeing the B Corp certification in the coming years.

Absolutely Bear - London

sustainable hoodie by absolutelybear
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Absolutely Bear is the perfect cross between a love of city living and life in the wild. Founded in 2015 as a t-shirt and an idea, Absolutely Bear is now one of the best menswear brands for those who want to be more connected to the natural world we love.

The Hoodie Collection

Absolutely Bear has a modest selection of hoodies. While these hoodies are primarily marketed for masculine fashion tastes, literally anybody can wear them.

Their available colors are burgundy, green, and black. Although there are only a couple of colors, they are pretty solid options for everyday wear.

Each organic cotton hoodie comes in sizes S to XXL and is made with a pretty thick, heavyweight fabric. Each one has a little embroidered bear on the left chest area for an added brand touch.

The hoodie is made to provide optimum comfort in a regular fit kangaroo hoodie cut.

If you’re looking for simple pieces that you can throw on and still look put together, Absolutely Bear is a good choice.

Fabrics and Sustainability

Absolutely Bear uses 100% certified organic cotton in their garments, with the minor exception of their knitwear collection.

Where applicable, they also use some polyester in making the clothing, although this does not apply to their hoodies, in particular.

Aside from the GOTS certification, the brand also utilizes the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, which guarantees no harmful chemicals were included in the production of their garments. Many of their items are also PETA Vegan approved, although the brand itself is not entirely vegan.

Ethics and Community

While environmental considerations are undoubtedly monumental in production, so are human rights.

We are happy to share that Absolutely Bear products are made in partnership with the Fair Wear Foundation, a non profit organization that supports workers in the garment industry, helping them realize their rights to safe and fair employment.

The brand is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which tells us that they donate at least 1% of their annual earnings to organizations that push for a sustainable future.

Girlfriend Collective - US

girl wearing a recycled fleece hoodie
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Girlfriend Collective is a Seattle-based clothing company that primarily manufactures responsibly clothing using recycled materials—quite the deviation from most brands’ use of cotton.

The brand’s core ideals lie in transparency and inclusivity in sustainable fashion. With these values, they have managed to gain a solid customer base of individuals who want to feel represented, regardless of size or shape.

The Hoodie Collection

We absolutely adore Girlfriend Collective’s hoodie collection! Made predominantly from a mix of recycled cotton and cotton waste, GC’s sustainable hoodies are available in super cute colors that are wearable in so many different ways!

Their hoodie collection also features ones made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Each one has a unique set of uses, and we suggest you choose the one that’s more suited to your purposes.

The hoodie made from organic cotton is best for lounging around or relaxing, while the style made from recycled polyester is perfect for your wearing during your workout routine.

The added stretch to the recycled polyester variant gives you an additional range of motion and helps you achieve your optimum exercise potential.

Girlfriend Collective’s color palette is super fun and contains any color you’d want in a hoodie! Many of their colors are neutral, but a good chunk of the more colorful options are geared towards more conventionally feminine tastes.

However, you can wear these in any way you like! GC is all about inclusivity and diversity in fashion, so your favorite hoodie worn your favorite way is definitely something up their alley.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the massive size range Girlfriend Collective offers. Their hoodies are available in sizes 1 to 12 or XXS to 6XL. Their size range totally smashes industry standards, and the brand has gone above and beyond to ensure their products are accessible to the broadest customer base possible.

If you want to purchase from a brand that has inclusivity and diversity at their core, Girlfriend Collective is one of your best options.

Materials & Sustainability

Girlfriend Collective uses plenty of organic cotton. Recycled polyester, however, is their most-used fabric across their collections.

The classic hoodie is made from both organic cotton and recycled cotton, which is two of the best, and most sustainable fabrics accessible to the general public. We couldn’t find information on whether or not GC uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, so we hope this is something they can touch on in the future.

The recycled cotton they use comes from discarded scraps found on cutting room floors, which shows GC’s testament to reducing their waste and utilizing what they can.

As an educational platform that’s heavily inspired by the value of living a low/zero waste life, those of us working on Puratium highly appreciate GC’s dedication to reducing their impact by reducing their waste.

One thing to note, though, is that their polyester hoodie still sheds microplastics, especially when washed. Like any plastic, even recycled options can contribute to pollution. This is the main factor as to why recycled polymers still don’t make the top of our sustainable fabric list.

However, we typically make an exception for performance wear like leggings, bike shorts, and, yep, hoodies!

You can do your part to support environmental change by ensuring these microplastics do not end up in our water systems. It can be as simple as attaching a filter or washing bag to your washing machine, so those microscopic bits of plastic are disposed of properly.

Ethics & Community

All Girlfriend Collective products are made in Taiwan, where they also source their polyester bottles. This significantly shortens their supply chain, resulting in a more eco friendly production process.

Their factory in Taiwan is SA8000-certified, which guarantees fair compensation, healthy working conditions, and of course, a complete absence of forced or child labor.

You can read more about their manufacturing process here.

GC also has a recycling initiative called ReGirlfriend, where they upcycle used GC products into entirely new gear. This helps close the loop and promote producer responsibility for waste.

Final Thoughts

Hoodies are a staple in most closets. They are super versatile pieces of clothing, and they’re great for both casual and sportswear, making them excellent go-to tops to throw on when you’re in a hurry.

Despite their typically casual nature, having quality hoodies in your collection is important, and choosing organic and sustainable options is even better!

With that, we hope this list will help you find the perfect hoodie that doesn’t come at the cost of our environment.

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