Vegan Clogs To Relax Your Feet And To Go Easy On The Planet

Clogs are a type of shoe commonly made from wood combined with a different material for the upper. The original ones were actually made of 100% wood, therefore, making them completely vegan!

Today, modern reiterations usually use suede, other leathers, and even canvas for the uppers. Most retain a wooden bottom, though it can have a cork sole, rubber sole, and other types of outers.

This style used to be really popular a couple of decades ago in the 70s, and now, they’re starting to grow in popularity again! They’re used as shoes for work, gardening, home, and even for casual days out.

As it often the case, it has been a challenge to find brands that fit all our eco-standards. However, we would like to recognize and support smaller companies which are innovating in the right direction: cruelty free, reneweable and recycable materials, transparent business practices and fair trade working conditions, as well as, ideally, a committment to community work and environmental causes.

Here are some our fav suggestions on (fully vegan) brands offering vegan clogs in their collection.

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather - France

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather was founded in Paris back in 2011. The brand is PETA-approved and has accumulated several awards over the years.

The founder was inspired by the idea of a completely cruelty-free closet, and from those dreams, Good Guys was born.

About the Clogs

Good Guys has a couple of vegan clogs in their collection, in different styles and colors. The Da Vinci comes in five colors, of which our favorite is the honey-colored pair. The rich, warm tone of the upper matches perfectly with the wooden base. These are made in partnership with the Swedish brand Troentorp (you can also find these clogs on their website).

The clogs are waterproof, and it has an anatomically constructed footbed with proper arch support. These features make these clogs both comfortable and sturdy.

This pair comes accurately sized for regular width but does not come in half sizes. Good Guys recommends sizing up if you are a half size. The shoes have a 2.2-inch heel.

If you want an open-toed pair of clogs, you can opt for the Eva, a pair of brown, open-toe clogs. Sadly, it isn’t available in other colors yet.

Materials & Packaging

This pair of faux leather clogs are made from Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class I certified microfiber.

This certification means that the materials and the process of making the textile have been verified to be free of harmful chemicals, both regulated and unregulated. (1)

The upper (outer part) is waterproof microfiber, while the inner lining is made from a softer type of microfiber.

It’s worth noting that although microfiber is advertised as eco-friendly, it is a plastic material, so it isn’t the most sustainable by any means.

But by large, it is an eco-friendlier option than (conventional) real leather.

Plus, microfiber is very durable when well-made so that you won’t be throwing out shoes left and right!

The wooden footbed is natural Alderwood that is incredibly moist absorbent.

On the other hand, the sole is made of grip tech polyurethane (PU) for enhanced comfort and traction.

These vegan shoes are packaged in a recyclable box, and each order comes with a cotton bag—no additional details on the cotton used, though.

Brand Values

Good Guys is actually the very first vegan footwear brand!

All of their shoes are vegan and cruelty-free and made under fair trade conditions in Europe.

Though most of their materials aren’t plant-based, Good Guys is starting to branch out and use innovative fabrics like AppleSkin. You can check out their collection here.

The company has also partnered with Redoneer for a recycling program. You can give your old Good Guys shoes via their partner, and you’ll get 15% off your next pair plus some cute socks!

While recycling is not the most sustainable answer to everything, in this case, it’s all in the spirit of creating a closed-loop economy.

Extended producer responsibility is a business practice that’s (slowly) becoming more popular, which we can but only applaud.

Now, companies are slowly becoming more aware of their responsibility of a product, not only during production but also at the end of its life.

Novacas - USA

Novacas vegan clogs
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Novacas literally translates to “no cows.” This brand is actually Moo Shoes’ house brand. If you’re not familiar, Moo Shoes curates and sells vegan footwear and accessories.

The brand offers modern takes on traditional styles with shoes ethically made in Europe. They offer plenty of different styles for different occasions, all vegan and cruelty-free!

About the Clogs

There are a couple of vegan clogs you can choose from this brand. Our personal favorite is the Maggie in blue suede! It’s such a cute navy blue color in a charming design. But a close runner-up would be the Maggie in all black.

Both designs are really cool and stylish, and which one you like is purely up to preference. These vegan clogs are made for women. The clogs lock on with some adjustable ankle straps and have a 2.5-inch heel height and a 1.5-inch platform. Still pretty comfortable as the platform makes up for the heel height.

This pair is studded on the sides, giving it a unique appearance and style. The studs really pop out, especially in the blue suede version. If you aren’t a fan of the studs, go for the black model. They’re still there, but they’re barely visible.

These shoes are mostly true to size, coming just a little bit big for half sizes. If you are a half size, you should size down for a perfect fit.

If you’re interested in a different style of vegan clogs, they also have some ankle clog boots in muted, earthy colors. They share many characteristics with the Maggie and are made with virtually the same materials.


These vegan clogs are made from microfiber vegan leather and are lined with a breathable microfiber lining. A material that is water-resistant and very durable.

Microfiber is a type of PU fabric that performs very similarly to leather or suede. It’s a very commonly used vegan alternative to the real thing. However, do not mistake it for regular PU as there are significant quality differences between the two.

All materials in the Novacas collection (including this one) are EU Ecolabel certified and sustainably milled in Italy. Microfiber production still uses chemicals, but there’s very little waste generated, and the process is strictly regulated.

The footbed is a cork sole that helps reduce impact and keeps your feet comfortable. The platform and heels are made of solid wood.

Brand Values

All Novacas shoes are ethically crafted in European factories. These vegan clogs, in particular, are made in Portugal in a small, family-run factory.

Workers are paid fair wages and work normal, reasonable hours—which means a healthy, worker-friendly environment. The founders visit the factories in Portugal regularly.

Let’s recall that Novacas is an in-house brand created by vegan retailer Moo Shoes, so since they’re the direct owner of the brand, let’s talk about their values instead. Moo Shoes is a relatively small business, but they take ethics and sustainability very seriously. They are a firm believer in a circular economy, and the shoes they sell are built to last.

Most of their shoes can even be economically resoled for extended life. We love seeing brands that advocate for repair before anything else!

If you want, you can even drop by their NYC storefront, and they’ll recycle it through Wearable Collections, a local textile recycling organization. You can read more about their ethics and sustainability efforts here.

Lotta from Stockholm - UK

Lotta is a pretty prominent brand making Swedish clogs in a modern fashion and design. They did not have any vegan pairs until recently, so it’s nice to see that they’ve branched out!

The brand is located in the UK, but they have stockists all over Europe and North America. They also have a big store on Etsy if that is more convenient for you.

About the Clogs

Lotta’s recently released four new pairs suited for vegans, and we love how they look! Our favorite is the Vetu in pineapple leather.

It is an open-toed pair of clogs with pearl cream uppers that are excellent as day sandals. You can even pair these clogs with your work clothes and use them in formal settings.

It has an adjustable ankle strap and is made with a lightweight sole for better comfort. If you’re looking for clogs that are more dressed up than work or home clogs, you should definitely give this one a try.

If you prefer clogs with a closed toe, the Greta is available in three lovely colors: Black, teal, and pink.


The uppers of these clogs are made from vegan pineapple leather. This type of leather is one of the most commonly-used plant-based vegan leathers today.

Although it’s not fully biodegradable since about 20% of it is made of PU, it’s an incredibly sustainable fabric. You can read more about pineapple leather and other vegan leathers here.

We love this material because of its unique texture that sets it apart from other fabrics. However, it doesn’t have a glossy finish, unlike other faux leather, so you might want to consider that as well.

The bottoms are made from a brown lime tree sole with a flex part for increased comfort.

Brand Values

Unlike some of the other brands we’ve seen, this company is quite open about its supply chain. In addition, they manufacture in a family-owned factory in Sweden that has been making clogs for over 100 years!

Moreover, while leather is not applicable in this list, we appreciate that they detail how their leather is tanned and where it is from (chrome-free and made in Italy). The Alderwood they use also comes from FSC certified forests.

Overall, this company is a good, solid brand to buy from. Granted, they’re not 100% vegan, which may affect your choice, but they do have good earth-friendly vegan options.

MB Clogs - Germany

MB Clogs is a family-owned shoe company founded in 1993. They sell excellent quality Swedish clogs inspired by traditional designs but with a wide variety of modern twists. They also have sandals, boots, and more.

The brand is not fully vegan, but they do have a vegan line. If you prefer a brand that’s 100% vegan, just skip this one.

About the Clogs

There are two main options for MB clogs. One is the Emma and is made for women, and the other is a pair of clogs in the original Swedish design.

Choosing between the two is of course highly up to your personal preferences, but we like the unique style of the Emma. The pretty uppers and classic cut make it perfect for casual wear when you’re just walking around or to a more formal function.

The heels are 5cm high and have a platform of 2 cm. Despite that, it has a stable and ergonomic fit, which makes it a very comfortable shoe. If you want vegan clogs with a classic design yet still bring something fresh to the table, this one is definitely a good choice.

The other clog style is pretty good as well and comes in a more traditional design. It has a black felt upper with a lightweight khaki wood bottom.


The material used for the uppers is a bit different from other clogs. Instead of the usual faux leather, this one is made of recycled felt! We think that’s a pretty interesting material to use.

However, that does pose issues with cleaning. They don’t detail the appropriate cleaning process for their material, so we cannot recommend using this for hard-wearing. The inner lining is made of vegan leather.

This pair has flexible wooden soles crafted from willow wood. The sole is expertly carved to make for comfortable and healthy wear, making them perfect for walking.

Brand Values

This company has been making Swedish clogs for 24 years now. If you take a look at their styles, their designs are heavily inspired by classic clogs.

They indicate on their website that their location on the Baltic coast inspired them to have business relations with Scandinavia. If that means they manufacture there remains ambiguous.

They do not explicitly indicate where they manufacture their shoes, only that they’ve been in contact with them for basically the lifetime of the company.

We would have appreciated seeing more information on where they source their materials and where exactly they are made.


OOFOS is a bit different than the other brands on this list. Unlike most clogs we’ve featured, this brand makes products specifically for recovery.

They believe that you can do more by working your body less, all achieved by relieving some pressure after a day’s activities through wearing their recovery footwear.

About the Clogs

OOFOS clogs are a more modern interpretation of classic clogs. For one, there’s no wood in these shoes, and they’re built for an entirely different purpose than the original ones.

This brand has vegan clogs for both men and women, but there are much more choices for the latter.

Their OOClog clog (quite a mouthful to say!) is available for both men and women in three colors. We personally love it in black. For women, you can get it in classic black with a glossy finish and in a matte black, but there’s no glossy black for the men’s version.

It has a unique foam inlay design that can help relieve stress in the ankles, knees, and other joints. It is also machine washable, and the material is designed to prevent odor. If we could describe these clogs using only one word, it would be: comfortable. These shoes, before anything else, are designed for your comfort and relief.

They’re not the prettiest or slimmest pair of shoes, but they provide excellent comfort. Wearing these will feel incredibly relaxing for your feet and knees, especially after a physically taxing day.


The proprietary material in this great pair of clogs is their OOfoam technology, which absorbs 37% more impact than EVA, which is the most common material used as insoles for athletic shoes.

EVA is used a lot in impact-heavy activities like skating and running. You can read our guide on vegan skate shoes here.

The fact that OOfoam can beat the industry standard is pretty cool! The material is super lightweight and is made using a patented closed-cell foam. OOFOS shoes are made without any toxic chemicals.

The cushioning properties of these vegan clogs last for the lifetime of the shoes. However, the company recommends only using them for 4-6 months with regular wear. Replace them at the same rate you replace your running shoes.

While this poses an issue in the sustainability department, the unique properties of these clogs may be worth it to some people.

Unfortunately, there is no provided information on how to dispose of these shoes. The complexity and the patented nature of the base material likely make it difficult to recycle, so these will probably have to be thrown away.

If you want more sustainable footwear, check out our list of sustainable sneakers, and even vegan options.

Brand Values

OOFOS has confirmed that they are 100% vegan, but they don’t explicitly indicate it on their website. So if you’re looking for vegan shoes other than clogs, you’re all set for this brand.

The company’s shoes are made in Korea and Vietnam. However, we could not find further information about their factory conditions, which is regrettable, especially since outsourcing labor may lead to unethical practices.

Keep a critical eye and stay informed on brands’ business practices. Having minimum eco-standards should no longer be a tall order: check out our guide on what to look for in vegan fashion.

The cause the brand rallies behind is cancer research. 2% of each purchase goes immediately to support a cancer research group. They have, so far, donated more than $1 million to this cause.

Maguba - Sweden

Maguba vegan clogs
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Maguba is a Sweden-based company that was founded on the idea of merging Swedish design with traditional craftsmanship.

They are a predominantly nonvegan brand and use leather in most of their products. However, they do have a couple of vegan options available.

About the Clogs

The Monterey is a close-toed pair of clogs with adjustable ankle straps. This pair was actually Maguba’s first-ever vegan clogs.

It has black uppers with dark stained wood for the footbed. The design is reminiscent of traditional clogs but still has a nice modern touch to it.

Since it’s black, you’ll be able to pair this with many outfits without any issue at all. Plus, it’s waterproof! So you can use it in different types of weather. The heels are 5cm with a platform height of 2.5. The Monterey has a medium width and will fit really nicely if you don’t have wide feet.

If you don’t like this one and prefer a more conventional design, check out the Berkeley. It is not an explicitly vegan design, but there are two vegan versions available. They’re a much more conventional take on clogs and come in black and brown colors.


These vegan clogs are made from Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class I certified microfiber and are REACH compliant. These certifications ensure that the chemicals used during processing aren’t harmful.

The outers are made from microfiber. But they don’t explain further what the microfiber is made of so we can’t say if it’s polyurethane, polyester, or some other polymer – a real pity.

The inner lining is also made of microfiber, but a much softer kind. This ensures that this pair of vegan clogs is suitable for everyday use, staying comfortably stylish.

The bottoms are made from polished Alderwood and belong to their line of comfy bottom soles. They’re a tad bit wider than their regular bottom soles. The footbed is also made from stained and polished Alderwood, which makes it perfect for absorbing moisture and keep your feet comfy for everyday walking.

Brand Values

Maguba heavily relies on natural materials and fun shapes to create their shoes. But natural, in this case, means using animal products like hide, so bear this in mind in case you were looking for an all vegan-friendly brand.

What we do like, however, is that they do this through a handmade process. All of their products are handmade from scratch in their own factory, resulting in authentic and timeless pieces that last.

The company also follows the idea of slow fashion, something we can see exhibited in their classic styles that outlast trends. As much as possible, they try to source their materials from European suppliers to shorten the supply chain and lessen their carbon footprint.

Maguba is also part of the WeForest initiative, and for every pair of shoes bought online, a tree will be planted in Zambia.

Sanita - Denmark/USA

If you want clogs traditionally manufactured and always have a personal touch, Sanita is the brand for you. They have been making danish-style clogs for over 100 years!

However, the brand is not fully vegan, and the majority of its selection is animal leather. If you are looking for a fully vegan brand to support, you may want to skip this one.

About the Clogs

There are only a couple of vegan options at Sanita, and two of those are clog designs. Personally, we love their Stratton Women’s clogs.

It’s a medium fit, multi-colored pair that exhibits a traditional open-back cut with a unique and fun design.

This pair has great ankle support and is part of the brand’s professional line of clogs. It can support your feet during long periods of standing or walking, especially in high-stress areas like the heels.

The rocker bottoms help a lot with relieving pressure from your foot and promoting movement. This pair is also certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means it’s perfect for those who may have some foot issues or discomfort.

It stands at 5cm long and is one of the best vegan clogs out there when it comes to functionality. We would highly recommend these if you suffer from foot pain and pressure.

If you prefer a covered back, check out Justine Women’s in stone. It’s made of PET recycled fabric and has a microfiber insole.


Unfortunately, Sanita doesn’t stand out to us when it comes to materials. They only indicate that the uppers are made of ‘textile’ without elaborating on what it really is. Textiles could be polyester, cotton canvas, nylon(you can find more information on nylon here), or any other vegan material.

This is something we hope they can focus on in the future. Meanwhile, head on over to our articles on different vegan fabrics to know more.

It has a polyurethane outsole shaped into a rocker bottom for additional comfort. PU is not very eco-friendly and other materials like a wooden, cork, or even rubber sole (when sustainably sourced) would be the better option.

However, as these clogs are made specifically for function, we cannot comment on how they would work better without the PU sole. Though this pair doesn’t have the most detailed account of materials, it is great if you’re looking for vegan clogs to help you with discomfort.

Brand Values

Sanita has always been about manufacturing handmade and high-quality comfort footwear. Up to date, they honor the traditional values begun by the company’s founder in the very early 1900s.

Their products are designed in Denmark and made in their factory in Poland. Check out this quick montage on how they make their clogs.

Unfortunately, we could not find any information about sustainability initiatives or how they’re lessening their carbon footprint. Since they use leather for most of their products, it would have been great to see some certifications or additional details on sourcing.

Sanita is a European brand, but they have an official US distributor headquartered in Maine.

Are faux leather clogs the best vegan clogs?

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As with many other vegan products, there is always going to be the pressing issue of quality. Different animal leathers are generally regarded as the best material for your clogs, other than polymers for function and comfort.

They last long and are very durable against the test of wear and time, making them a prized material in many circles. However, faux leather clogs can be just as good! There are now so many high-quality vegan choices that looking for them won’t be any trouble. But are they the best vegan clogs?

Well, not always.

While faux leather can be high quality and durable, that’s not true on all accounts. Some plastic leathers like PVC can even be equally environmentally disastrous as the real thing. When looking for clogs, try to buy those that are high quality and durable. Trust us, the extra bit you pay is well worth it.

We should also note that not all vegan leather is sustainable. For example, many of the products we featured above were made from microfiber, which is a kind of plastic.

As much as we possibly can, we try to avoid using plastic in our clothing due to its lack of genuine sustainable features. This means there is a gap in the market for more sustainable leathers used in vegan clogs, and brands should hurry to take their spot in the podium.

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Final thoughts

Overall, clogs are a versatile kind of footwear, and you can use them for many different purposes; those completely depend on you.

When shopping, remember to look for a pair that is durable, sustainable, and suits you well so that you can keep it for as long as possible.

Remember that for us at Puratium, it is crucial to combine several best practices to live more sustainably and preserve the Earth from further damage. Whether through veganism, low waste or minimalism or a bit of all, there are various actions you can take to make better eco-conscious choices.

Hit the search button for more eco-news!


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