Vegan Clothing Brands With Sustainably Sourced Materials

In a conventional closet at first glance, you will find products that seem harmless.

When we buy our clothing from the shelves, they’re shown in a way that leaves us, the consumers, knowing little about the true costs of the product we just bought.

But that doesn’t mean those costs don’t exist. Your prized leather coat comes at the cost of more than just money.

Behind the sleek design is a production process that involves the death of animals and inhumane working conditions leading to environmental degradation.

Many brands do not account for these costs and they are too often touted as market externalities.

Veganism involves a lifestyle of not subjecting animals to suffering based on our human whims. There are so many issues surrounding animal cruelty and how we treat animals.

If you want to branch out and go for ethical and vegan options, here are our top suggestions, understanding that everybody is at different stages in their sustainable journey and that nobody is perfect.

Girlfriend Collective - USA

Transparency as its core belief, Girlfriend Collective creates inclusive vegan activewear and does not leave any of its customers out of the loop. Vegan fashion that is truly for everyone.

They use recycled materials like plastic bottles and fishing nets to create their clothing. They are completely vegan and cruelty-free on all levels (including their workers).


Girlfriend collective is mainly a vegan activewear brand, although they do have pieces you can dress up or down.

Plus, with active loungewear being all the rage, you’re not limited to wearing these clothes during your workout sessions.

Most of the vegan clothing they produce is made for women. Bras, maternity leggings, biking shorts, tank tops, and more.

However, they do have items for men and women like their hoodies and sweatshirts. They even have a cute bucket hat! They also have a cute vegan outerwear selection with windbreakers and puffers.

They’re muted enough to not shock onlookers, but they are also just vibrant enough to add a touch of fun to your outfit.

Additionally, they produce in size XXS-6XL so they can cater to everyone’s needs or preferences.

Production Process

Looking for good vegan clothing brands that have activewear can be a bit of a challenge.

Because while many clothing brands with workout clothes are vegan, there’s the underlying issue of the unsustainability of plastic.

And activewear is predominantly made of plastic. Girlfriend Collective isn’t any different. But what sets them apart is their dedication to using recycled materials.

When you choose this fashion brand, you’re not only picking out cute vegan workout clothes; you’re also helping avert plastic water bottles from landfills.

The recycled materials then end up at their SA8000 certified factory in Taiwan. They chose this factory as it was the best they could find for manufacturing activewear.

Their production process is very interesting, and you can pick up some tips from it. Check out their highly detailed account of how they turn recycled materials into clothing products.

Bonus: They also have a recycling initiative called ReGirflfriend, where you can send back your used Girlfriend clothing in exchange for store credit.

Company Values

One of our favorite parts of this brand is its commitment to diversity in its clothing. They offer a wide range of sizes, so that’s already a plus for them.

But more than that, the brand’s models are racially diverse, and they feature varying sizes in their product listings.

The fashion industry is known for prioritizing a certain type and build. Many have taken notice of how discriminating and harmful the practices in the fashion industry are.

Over the last few years, the fashion revolution of making the clothing and modeling industry more diverse has grown exponentially.

We love that the Girlfriend Collective actually takes steps to enact change. There are way too many fashion brands that claim to be diverse but never take it further than face value.

Vetta - USA

Highly inspired by capsule wardrobes and responsible vegan fashion, Vetta is a vegan clothing brand perfect for minimalist vegans.

They are completely vegan and use sustainable materials in creating their versatile clothing pieces.


Two words can accurately describe Vetta’s fashion styles: simple and versatile. Their products are all multi-use and can be worn in various scenarios and occasions.

They create five-piece capsule wardrobes that have all the essentials you need, good for 3o different outfit variations.

If you like comfortable vegan clothing and neutral colors, this fashion brand is the way to go. Their color palette is full of creams, mauves, and cool-toned blues. They also have clothing made with patterned fabric for freedom to mix and match.

Having a small but incredibly versatile set of clothes is a welcome break from the influx of choices that we have to make every single day.

Production Process

Vetta recognizes that textiles often have a high environmental cost. Because of that, they focus on using fabric that is as sustainable as possible.

Sustainability means taking into account how much water and other resources are used during growth, the type of energy used in production, how long the fabric will last, and its disposal.

Part of this ideal of sustainability includes using vegan materials in all their clothes.

Some examples of the vegan fabric they use are Tencel, organic cotton, linen, recycled polyester, and deadstock fabric. Check their complete list here.

Vetta has factories in New York, Los Angeles, and India. Their factories in India pay fair wages, and they maintain proper relationships with the factory owners to ensure proper treatment of workers.

Company Values

Vetta is all about responsible vegan fashion. With so many options available, many of them made with a throw-away mindset, having reliable vegan pieces you can always fall back on makes for a solid foundation.

The brand recognizes that every single part of its supply chain has an effect on the environment. This is something many major retailers don’t seem to grasp.

Knowing this, they try to be sustainable in all aspects of production, from materials to packaging.

Mud Jeans - Netherlands

If you’ve been in the vegan world for some time, you’re sure to be familiar with Mud Jeans. This unconventional denim brand promotes the use of a circular economy.

At its core, the brand produces simple yet effective denim products that will last you a long time. It is PETA-approved vegan and cruelty-free. We think this brand is one of the best vegan clothing brands to get your denim from.


This vegan brand’s styles are pretty straightforward. They’re your typical array of denim. They have vegan jeans in different fits. Flared, straight, slim, and skinny.

They also have vegan denim jackets, shorts, skirts, even tote bags. Their designs and cuts are available for men and women.

The great thing about denim is you can style it the way you want. As a closet staple, you won’t run out of styling options for your vegan denim.

Production Process

They predominantly use recycled cotton and organic cotton in their denim. They even have a goal of going for 100% recycled cotton!

Cotton is a resource-intensive crop, so avoiding virgin materials is environmentally beneficial. They source all of their raw materials fair trade.

Moreover, they do not use any animal or animal byproducts in their clothes, and they are PETA-approved vegan and cruelty-free.

Their supply chain is kept short to keep them in control over fair wages and good working conditions.

Company Values

It is clear that the vegan brand values sustainability. Moreover, a circular economy is very high on their priority list. A perfect example of this commitment is the brand’s Lease a Jeans Program.

Companies engaging in leasing programs are highly beneficial for the environment because it encourages increased producer responsibility.

However, we do encourage that you use these jeans for as long as you can. Once the lease term of 12 months is over, you have the option of becoming the owner of the jeans or swapping them for a new pair under a continued lease.

If you like the jeans, just keep them. The brand recycles the material, which is good. But recycling takes up energy, and it would be much more eco friendly if you just kept the jeans.

Remember, recycling is often the last resort, and reusing is always the best option. To tackle the waste issue at its core, it’s always good to look at decreasing our consumption habits first and foremost.

They aim to be sustainable right down to the core. For additional information on their sustainability, visit their site here.

LA Relaxed - USA

LA Relaxed Vegan Clothing
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Based in Los Angeles, LA Relaxed is a vegan clothing brand that thinks clothing should complement our lives, not complicate it. As a lifestyle brand, they believe in comfort above all.

Their pieces are sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, and, best of all, comfortable! These loungewear essentials are great for those who love taking a step back and simply be.


One quick look at their clothing selection, and you’ll instantly want to curl up in a cozy blanket and just relax.

True to its name, LA Relaxed mainly produces vegan clothes that are meant for lounging around. Of course, they still have outfits you can use on errand days and for casual wear.

But one thing that’s immediately obvious is the brand’s dedication to comfort. Every single one of their clothing items is designed to be nothing short of absolutely comfortable.

Production Process

As a vegan and cruelty-free brand, LA relaxed uses plant-based, organic, and all-natural fabrics in their clothing. Examples are organic cotton, Tencel, hemp, and linen. These fabrics all sound so comfy.

In addition, their manufacturing process is quite admirable.

They make all of their clothes in Los Angeles, and they are a vertically integrated brand. This is great news, especially since many major fashion brands often have large (questionable) supply chains.

Dyeing is one of the most environmentally devastating parts of textile production. There are so many clothing and fashion brands that use dyeing factories without considering their environmental impact.

LA Relaxed, however, only uses factories that are bluesign certified. Ensuring that they lessen their environmental impact as much as they possibly can.

Company Values

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing clothing without any unethical strings attached. LA Relaxed uses only vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable materials.

They also produce in smaller batches to lessen the waste from each production cycle.

The brand also has community affiliations. They are partnered with Safe Place for Youth in California, giving a safe space (and more) for homeless youth. Read more about it here.

Brave Gentleman - USA

There aren’t many vegan clothing brands that are geared towards menswear. Brave Gentleman is one of the brands that go against the grain. A fashion revolution, if you will.

Still, the brand is made for men and women, and everyone who wears menswear aesthetic. They are a nonbinary brand that produces masculine-inclined styles.


BG is best known for their vegan shoes, but they have a host of different vegan clothing items as well. Suits, pants, tops, bags, you name it. If vegan accessories is a topic you would like to explore in more detail, take a sneak peek at our analysis regarding backpacks, belts, and even sandals.

Of course, their vegan shoes still take most of the limelight. They have shoes for casual days out and shoes for formal functions.

From casual to smart-casual to formal, they’ve got you covered.

Production Process

The brand is completely curlety-free, vegan, and ethical. Ever since they started in 2010, they have acknowledged the many issues that come with non vegan clothing brands.

Most of their cruelty-free, vegan clothing is made in the United States, in New York’s garment district. They pay fair wages and ensure good working conditions for their artisans.

Materials used in this vegan fashion brand include organic cotton, PU leather, and future silk made from post-recycled plastic bottles.

Company Values

As a vegan clothing manufacturer, the message BG sends out to their “citizen-investors” is slow, quality vegan fashion with a mind for how it impacts the environment.

They believe in ethical fashion and redefining the materials system in the industry. Venturing into cruelty-free and vegan fashion is one of the best ways to start participating in the ethical fashion industry.

Le Buns - Australia

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Our intimates are a highly underrated part of our lifestyle. A proper set of vegan undergarments can go a long mile.

Founded by women, Le Buns is a sustainable producer of vegan and eco-friendly intimates and apparel. At their core, they believe in making better and smarter lifestyle choices for the environment.


Le Buns offers vegan clothing that’s all about grounding ourselves in who we are. Intimates, swimwear, loungewear, and more. They even have a vegan maternity clothing line!

Here, you’ll find undergarments that give plenty of support without compromising on quality or comfort.

Most especially, let’s highlight comfort for a moment. Many of the products clothing brands put out today are not made with comfort in mind. In fact, so many fashion items are distinctly uncomfortable, even vegan ones.

Especially since the prominent rise of teleworking means we are home more often, it’s so important to be able to relax in our clothes. Their designs are elegant yet retain the valuable essence of comfort.

Production Process

There are now many vegan brands that advocate for using sustainable materials. Le Buns is no exception. They recognize the issue that lies within conventional cotton fabric.

Thus, they only use organic cotton in their products. They also use natural dyes in their clothing to reduce their environmental impact.

Though they are based in Australia, they initially started production in an Indonesian factory and they remain there. But they have also expanded to China.

These factories are audited to meet standards for ethical working conditions, ensuring that their process is fair trade.

Company Values

This brand has a giving back program through i=change. Meaning, they funnel $1 from each purchase to a charity or movement of their choice.

They help with saving our reefs, improving literacy, and so much more. They also donate their stocks to partner organizations.

You can learn more about how they are contributing to change here.

Alkeme Atelier - USA

Shop Alkeme Atelier Vegan Clothing
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Adding an accessory brand to our list of vegan clothing brands, Alkeme Atelier is a relatively new vegan handbag brand founded in New York.

Their products are PETA-approved vegan, cruelty-free, scratch-resistant, and recycled. Inspired by the alchemical combination of elements, they create luxury vegan handbags with vegan leather using plant-based fabrics.


Alkeme Atelier has vegan options for those who prefer classic styles and those that prefer designs that are edgier and less conventional.

They have vegan bucket bags, cross-bodies, wallets, satchels, and more. Taking a good look at their selection, it’s so easy to see that vegan fashion does not come at the cost of elegance in design.

Nevertheless, it depends on our personal styles, but we adore their Water Moon satchel. It’s a fan-like design that comes in a wide range of colors.

If you want a pop of color, you can go for the emerald green option but it’s also available in neutral colors.

Production Process

The brand uses a range of different vegan leather options to use in their bags. Their options include pineapple leather, cactus leather, even recycled plastic bottles.

Going plant-based and recycled is the most eco friendly option. We have a separate article on vegan leather and the issues with plastic vegan leather, we highly recommend you check it out for additional information.

Their factories are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that the workplace is managed properly and giving workers fair wages.

The end result are bags that are PETA-approved vegan, cruelty-free, scratch-resistant, bacteria-resistant, lightweight, and odor-free.

Company Values

From making the designs to packaging the products, Alkeme Atelier is conscious of its effects on the planet, making sustainability not only a farce, but a lifestyle.

With their use of plant-based materials, we can see that they follow through with their promises. It’s refreshing to see a vegan clothing brand do this amount so many vegan clothing brands that simply make promises without proper execution.

Beyond Skin - U.K.

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No outfit would be complete without the perfect pair of shoes, and this wouldn’t be a complete list of vegan clothing brands if we didn’t include a vegan shoe brand.

Back in 2001, Beyond Skin was started with a heart for making luxury vegan shoes. Beautifully designed without any of the terrible costs that many fashion brands do not account for.


Beyond skin creates vegan shoes for women. They have a pretty good selection of vegan boots, mules, pumps, heels, and much more.

Their designs range from vegan shoes for work and the office to those for a fun night out with friends. And the best part of it all is none of these shoes come from animals.

We really like their vegan leather ankle boots. But if that’s not your cup of tea, they have tons of other vegan leather options for women.

They don’t come cheap, though. Beyond Skin prices tend to be in the high range. So definitely not a pair to buy when you’re in a pinch.

Production Process

Their vegan shoe designs come from their HQ in the UK, but the shoes are made in Spain. The brand works closely with its factories to make sure all is in order with fair working conditions.

Their vegan leather is made of PU, though. It’s not the best vegan material as it needs petroleum to make, but it is still much more environmentally friendly compared to PVC or actual leather.

Namely, PU is the most common vegan leather alternative, so we aren’t surprised by this.

As they’re committed to making their products more eco friendly, they’re constantly on the lookout for better options.

Company Values

Beyond Skin values sustainability and completely removing animals from the shoe-making process.

As a cruelty-free, vegan brand, it wants to promote conscious fashion choices. In making vegan leather shoes, they certainly achieve this goal.

The brand believes that using sustainable materials in our shoes is the true luxury.

Plant Athletic

Plant Athletic is a vegan brand for all of our readers in need of new athletic wear. They are ethical, sustainable, and PETA-approved vegan.

This vegan brand highlights the importance of health and wants to inspire others and spread awareness to those who are not already vegan.


Focused mainly on vegan athletic wear, the brand’s collection ranges from t-shirts, running and cycling wear, and other vegan athletic clothing products.

Additionally, they have collections for both men and women. They even have a cute t-shirt for toddlers.

While this list of vegan clothing cannot possibly examine every vegan option, it’s important to us that we cover as much ground as we can. That includes vegan athletic wear.

If you are not really into running or cycling, that’s totally fine. This brand also has vegan statement t-shirts that you might be interested in. T-shirts aren’t the most fashion-forward clothing item, but they get the job done.

Production Process

Their clothes are made with recycled materials and specifically designed to last. Here, you won’t find fabric that shows signs of wear in the first few uses.

They are PETA-approved vegan, so none of their raw materials involve animals.

One of the steps they’re making that’s distinct from other vegan brands is making an effort to make their own fabric. This ensures quality and ethical production.

Though vegan brands can source fabrics fair trade, we think it’s great that this brand has a very high level of control with what it puts in its products.

They manufacture by outsourcing from China. However, there is not much information on how the factory works.

Company Values

Plant Athletic places a huge emphasis on health, the environment, and how they go hand in hand. We find it refreshing for a brand to tackle the health aspect of being vegan.

While brands have their own individual manifestos, we think it’s good to actually consider how what we put into our bodies affects our health.

In any case, they advocate for plant-based living and living a more eco friendly life.

Remember, vegan fashion is not limited to designer handbags or shoes. Vegan fashion also extends to the more pragmatic choices you may be faced with, such as choosing the right eco friendly, vegan brand for your athletic needs.

Animal Products To Look Out For In Clothing

Understandably, the world of fashion is huge. People have different tastes in fashion and clothing, so the options laid out above may not match your personal style and preference.

For that reason, here are some animal products that are commonly found in clothing. This section will help you pick out vegan brands on your own.


Leather is often found in shoes, coats, jackets, wallets, and many other products. It has various finishes and is one of the most popular materials used by brands due to its durability.

Unfortunately, leather is far from being vegan. Animal skin is required in making leather, and it takes a lot of toxic chemicals (chrome) to create the final product.

There are now plenty of vegan leather options, such as pineapple leather, apple leather, and cork leather. Plastic options include PU and PVC, but those are not eco friendly.


Many people treat wool as an ambiguous material. While wool does come from sheep, the sheep don’t have to die for wool production.

Even then, the wool industry is ripe with cruel practices. There is no guarantee that the sheep are not harmed in wool harvesting. Some brands do claim that they source their wool ethically, but doing so still supports the overall wool industry.

Plus, the fact that wool is an animal byproduct already makes it not vegan. There is no possible scenario where the wool from animals is vegan.


Silk is an animal byproduct that comes from silkworms. Many nonvegans are not aware that silk is not friendly to vegans.

Since silk directly comes from animals, it is not vegan. There are ethical silk options, but even these are not vegan in the slightest.


Fur is rarely used today, but they were previously very common in clothes like faux fur coats.

The current perception of fur is that it’s a tacky and cruel material. Most fashion brands have now banned fur in all of their collections.

Most fur available today is faux fur made of plastic.

How To Choose Vegan Fashion Brands

Looking for vegan clothing brands is already a great way to make a positive impact on our environment. For a primer on vegan fashion, check out this article.

To take it a step further, you can choose vegan fashion brands that are ethical and responsible in their business and production processes.

Aside from the lack of animal products, here are some factors we personally believe matter as well.


The fashion industry is one of the most problematic industries in the world. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors that go on in the time between designing and when it hits the shelves.

We are led to believe that the clothing items they are buying are just pretty fashion items when, in reality, that isn’t even remotely close to the truth.

Transparency is the next thing you should check after ensuring that the brand is vegan. If they are transparent about their business practices, you have a higher chance of checking for sustainability, ethics, and where they source raw materials.


Of course, you shouldn’t neglect to see if a brand is sustainable. Even plant-based, vegan materials are not perfect.

Cotton, for example, needs a lot of water and chemicals to bleach and dye. Vegan clothing brands leaning towards sustainable sourcing will usually use organic versions of cotton.

Additionally, alternatives to animal products may involve a lot of plastic. While a brand that uses PU, polyester, and other plastics is not inherently bad, these vegan materials have a negative impact on the environment and are not sustainable.

The best brands are those who actively use vegan and sustainable materials. Even if they’re not using sustainable materials yet, we still love vegan clothing brands that are actively looking for sustainable options.

Ethical Production

Let’s not forget the problem that’s incredibly rampant in fast fashion. Retail fashion companies are always looking for ways to cut costs.

As a result, workers all over the world, especially in high-risk, underdeveloped countries, suffer from unethical working conditions. Otherwise known as sweatshop conditions.

If you’re looking for a vegan clothing brand, checking their factory conditions and making sure they pay their workers fair wages is absolutely essential.


There are now so many clothing companies that give back to the community. Whether it’s the community of their local workers, a foundation, a charity, or an environmental movement, companies that give back are the true winners.

Fashion that has a cause is the true fashion revolution.

Final Thoughts

Looking for vegan clothing brands that align with your values isn’t that difficult today. You now have a wide range of options. Plus, brands are becoming increasingly conscious of their effects on the planet and human life.

We hope this list helped you find vegan clothing brands that suit your needs. And even if our picks aren’t your style, you’re now armed with the knowledge to choose clothing brands that are vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

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