Be An Eco-Warrior With Your Guilt-Free Vegan Combat Boots

Finding innovative vegan combat boots respectful of the earth isn’t as difficult as you might think! More and more brands are coming out with vegan options, and we are totally in at Puratium to promote and support these eco-brands.

Granted, there is still a huge gap between how sustainable the industry now vs. what it should be, and we know it can be tough to make compromises here and there.

But we truly hope that innovation and refocusing our resources will help propel us into a future of truly uncompromising fashion.

Combat boots are the perfect example to be both eco and stylish; ideal for exercising in the fall or the colder seasons, they’re versatile and incredibly durable.

However, combat boots are often made from leather, a nonvegan material. But there is no longer a need for you to sacrifice your values for a good pair of shoes.

Below is a solid list of our fav vegan combat boots that you can buy guilt-free.

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  • Italian vegan shearling
  • Soft cork cushioning
  • REACH certified Faux leather
NAE Portugal
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NAE Portugal
  • OEKO-TEX certified, water-resistant microfiber
  • Good year Welt fashion mad
  • Certified production factories
Beyond Skin
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Beyond Skin
  • Generous donation program
  • Recycled vegan materials
  • Proprietary faux leather

Will's Vegan Store - UK

Will's Vegan Combat Boots
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Will’s Vegan Store is a PETA-approved vegan company with a focus on making a positive choice and impact on the planet, animals, and all that are involved in the production process.

They are sustainable, ethical, and are a certified carbon neutral company (supply chain and shipping included).

About The Boots

Our pick from their wide collection of boots is their vegan High Rig boots in chestnut.

Technically, it isn’t a combat boot. But if you check our discussion below on what a combat boot really means, you’ll get why this would fit the bill.

This one is not available for women, and the store only stocks them in men’s sizes.

They are regularly sized, though you should size up if you are a half size.

This pair is water-resistant and can be worn in puddles or light snow.

However, keep in mind that it is not waterproof, and long exposure will eventually cause water to seep into the shoe (usually through the eyelets or the side of the tongue).

But don’t worry, getting the shoes wet will not ruin them. Plus, the material is stain-resistant too!

The pair has a 1.2-inch heel with cushion insoles to help keep your feet comfortable during long periods of wear.

Materials & Durability

These combat boots are made from plant-based vegan leather, which is actually really good!

While most brands opt for materials like PU or microfiber, Will’s chose to take it a step further and invest in only the best solutions.

The leather is made from cereal crops in Northern Europe. Unfortunately, there are no further details as to how this leather is produced or what other substances are involved in the process.

Other than that, the outsoles are made from thermoplastic rubber, while the insoles are made from recycled rubber.

We assume this difference because the outsoles have to be a different make and may be more challenging to produce using recycled materials.

It is clear that this pair is very durable. From the element-resistant material to the durable outsoles, this shoe can take a lot of wear and still not look well-worn.

One thing to note, though, is that you should avoid exposing them to high temperatures as it could mess with the material.

Brand Values

Everything Will’s makes is vegan, sustainable, and ethical.

They believe that all life needs safeguarding and that doing something to help animals doesn’t make sense if you don’t take care of the planet and its people as well.

All of their products are made in Italy under EU laws and regulations.

As a result, their workers are protected and have rights that cover hours of work, compensation, health and safety, parental leave, maternity leave, and so much more.

Plus, they ship plastic-free, and all of their packaging is sustainably sourced. You can read more about their sustainability efforts here.

As we said, all of their processes are carbon-neutral, including shipping and returns.

They calculate their carbon emissions and offset them by investing in renewable energy projects like wind and hydro energy.

Overall, Will’s Vegan Store is an excellent, well-rounded brand for vegan essentials.

NAE - Portugal

NAE stands for ‘No Animal Exploitation,’ including humans, of course. The brand manufactures vegan and ethical footwear in certified factories in Portugal.

Founded in 2008, NAE is a fully vegan company, and they strive to use ecological, sustainable, and recycled materials as much as possible.

About the Boots

NAE has a lot of boots in their collection that would qualify under combat boots. But our favorite has to be Mandy.

This pair is a lace-up boot that comes in several colors, but we personally love it in black. It is also available in purple and olive green.

It has a functional inner zip to help with closure since the laces are only decorative.

If you are looking for a pair with real laces, just skip this one and check out our other recommendations.

These vegan combat boots are made for women, and although combat boots are generally unisex, they do not stock them in men’s sizes.

This pair is regular-shaped, but you might have to size up if you are half-size.

It has a 1.7-inch rubber outsole that helps a lot with proper grip.

If you’re up for a different style of vegan combat boots, we highly encourage you to check out Zaira.

It is available in black and ice white and has an outer pocket zipper for the storage of small items. A similar style with a flashier design.

Materials & Durability

These vegan combat boots are mainly made from OEKO-TEX certified, water-resistant microfiber. Their vegan leather is made from a microfiber mixture that has cotton, nylon, and polyester, where they use recycled whenever possible.

Though they advertise this material as ecological, there are some environmental drawbacks to using microfiber.

For one, it is still plastic-made and hence does not biodegrade. Plus, it is often made from polyester [1], which takes petroleum to make—thus, not very sustainable.

That said, making good vegan combat boots does require using heavy-duty vegan leather.

And microfiber is prized for its durability, making this a pretty good, durable pair of shoes.

Beyond that, these shoes have a breathable and non-allergenic microfiber lining.

In addition, the eyelets are metallic and are nickel-free. The insole is made with paperboard and microfiber lining, while the outsole is made of rubber.

These shoes are made in a Goodyear Welt fashion, making them extra durable.

This method makes use of a strip of material called the welt that is attached to both the upper and insole.

The best part is that when the soles wear out, they can easily be resoled if they’re Goodyear welted.

No need to throw them out when you can get them repaired!

Brand Values

NAE is a brand we’ve featured a lot here at Puratium because of their good brand practices.

They’re clear about the materials they use and how they make their shoes, two of the tenets of manufacturing transparency.

All their shoes are made in Portugal and Spain in certified factories.

You can read up on their process here to understand more about how their shoes are made.

You can also read an interview with one of the factory owners they work with.

The company also advocates for slow fashion. They don’t make their shoes in a way that they’ll fall apart in a couple of months, and it’s off to the bin they go.

All NAE shoes are made with longevity and durability in mind. This is manifested in how they make shoes that can easily be repaired should the need arise.

Overall, NAE is one of the best places that you can get your vegan combat boots from.

They have great values, and their production process is ethical, sustainable, and entirely cruelty-free.

Beyond Skin - UK

Beyond Skin vegan combat boots
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Beyond Skin has been in business for about 20 years now, and they’ve really paved the way for vegan footwear for women. Today, they’ve grown to become a renowned brand in their industry.

The company was established because the founders wanted a vegan brand intended for those who care about where their clothes come from and how they were made.

About The Boots

Beyond Skin has a very wide selection of boots in their collection, all in varying heights and styles. The Kelly is a black, lace-up pair of vegan combat boots with a boot height of 19cm.

It features a classic round-toe design that perfectly captures the look of a combat boot. The eight gold eyelets also add a touch of contrast to the otherwise all-black design.

These boots are perfect for pairing with jeans and are great for wearing in the colder months.

Though the style and design are gender-neutral, it is only available for women’s sizes. The heels are about 3.5cm high and are just thick enough to provide a solid grip on urban terrain.

Materials & Durability

The main material for the uppers is Beyond Skin’s faux leather, made of cotton-backed PU (polyurethane) sourced from Italy.

PU isn’t really the most sustainable material. It requires petrochemicals to make and still leaves a significant environmental impact. However, it is still much better than chrome-tanned leather.

You can read more about PU and other leather alternatives in our article on vegan leather.

The boots also have a recycled vegan lining that’s made from 100% recycled faux leather with a vegetable polymer coating. The soles are made from 70% recycled rubber resin that is sourced from Spain.

Using recycled materials is a good step towards sustainability as it doesn’t necessitate the use of virgin materials.

However, it is always good to remember that recycling is not the end-all of sustainability. Read more on sustainability here.

Brand Values

Beyond Skin has always been about making footwear that is timeless yet unique and always made consciously.

They stray away from the very common fast fashion model and intend to slow fashion down.

With versatile designs that transcend seasons and trends, it’s easy to see how the company plans to do this.

In light of conscious manufacturing, the brand makes an effort to use sustainable materials and processes as much as it possibly can. Read more about their efforts here.

Their shoes are designed in England but are handmade in Spain under ethical working conditions.

They work closely with their team of shoemakers to provide their customer base with high-quality and elegant pieces.

Vegetarian Shoes - UK

vegetarian shoes vegan combat boots
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Vegetarian Shoes has been making vegan-friendly footwear for over 30 years! They are a fully vegan brand, unlike the name would suggest.

When they started business in the 1990s, the word vegan was not as popular as it is today.

Vegetarian was much more likely to be recognized; thus, the name was born!

About the Boots

This pair of combat boots is your regular black lace-up boot. It features 10 eyelets for the adjustable laces and is approximately 10 inches high.

It is water-resistant and very breathable; it even has a bellows tongue for additional protection against water should you need it.

Plus, it’s triple-stitched at some seams, giving even more water resistance.

It is fully lined with a microfiber fabric that helps absorb moisture and is super breathable.

This pair also has a commando-style all-terrain sole, so you’ll have no trouble navigating different areas with them.

The website doesn’t specifically mention if it’s a slip-resistant rubber sole, but since it’s all-terrain, there’s a high likelihood of it being so.

The padded insole can be replaced with a thinner or thicker version, depending on your preference. When breaking in, it’s best to wear a pair of comfy eco friendly socks and use a thinner insole.

Materials & Durability

Of course, this pair of combat boots are only made with vegan materials.

The main material for the outer upper is vegetan micro, the company’s hardest-wearing material.

Vegetan micro is water-resistant yet remains breathable. And each combat boot is made with a softer version of the tough material.

This type of faux leather has a distinctive grain and mimics high-quality leather. It ages quite well too!

While the website says that the recent versions of this textile have fewer solvents in them, there isn’t really anything we can compare it to.

Unfortunately, they don’t elaborate on what the components of the textile are.

But we can assume (from the name) that it’s made of synthetic materials like microfiber. We can but only encourage to brand to be more transparent on this matter.

The synthetic sole is made of a Thermo-plastic-rubber material that can be resoled and reheeled when necessary.

Durability-wise, this is one of the best vegan combat boots you can find. The solid, tough materials paired with the quality triple seams make it extremely robust in any condition.

Brand Values

Vegetarian shoes, first and foremost, will always be a company geared towards providing animal-free shoe alternatives.

They are not the most eco-friendly brand since most of what they use is PU and other synthetic materials, but they don’t claim otherwise. They acknowledge that not all of their vegan solutions are the most eco-friendly yet.

That said, though, they have been working with new and innovative fabrics such as Piñatex. Their roster of materials also includes hemp, cork, and organic cotton.

All of their products are made in the EU, more specifically, in UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Portugal. The combat boots we featured are made in Poland.

All their factories are compliant with EU employment regulations, and their workers operate in excellent working conditions.

King55 - Brazil

King55 vegan combat boots
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King55 was founded in Brazil back in 2001 and is a fully vegan company. They believe in an uncompromising style made using ethical and sustainable manufacturing methods.

They aim to increase customer awareness on veganism, sustainability, and fair trade practices, so more customers understand that subscribing to these values is true style.

About The Boots

London is a lace-up boot that features a zipper closure on the side for an easy slip-on system. It comes in three colors, navy, black, and white.

Personally, we really love it in white, and the contrast between the stark white and the dark black sole looks really cool.

If you’re a fashion-forward person and love mixing and matching styles, this is one of the best vegan combat boots for you.

Of course, the other colors are just as premium-looking and as excellent as white. If you prefer darker colors, then the other two options will work best for you.

You can clean these combat boots with a damp cloth and store them in a fresh and well-ventilated area. You can also wipe periodically with a dry cloth.

Materials & Durability

As always, it is made only with vegan materials; thus, manufactured with high-quality microfiber faux leather, and while it is not the most eco-friendly, it is very durable.

Moreover, it has a moisture-absorbent and very breathable inner lining that will help keep your feet dry and comfortable.

With high-coverage shoes like this one, it is always important to choose pairs that won’t suffocate your feet.

It also has a rubber outsole that is stitched together with the upper to increase quality and durability.

Overall, this pair of vegan combat boots are incredibly durable. The stitching and the materials used all factor into the durability of this product, and it is more than enough for everyday wear.

Brand Values

King55 is a company with a powerful mission; ‘To act sustainably, with social and environmental responsibility, (…) To make products with a VISUAL impact, instead of causing SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL impacts.’

They stick to their mantra of respect and sustainable manufacturing in all their products.

As with many brands that were started quite some time ago, King55 also had struggles with looking for suppliers and factories that could accommodate their values.

No doubt that doing so is much easier now, but in the ’90s and early 2000s, it probably posed a real challenge.

Now, they’ve grown to have established partnerships with trusted factories and suppliers. Their shoes are made ethically in Brazil under all-vegan working conditions.

Cruelty-free on all levels, this company strives to make an inspiring impact instead of causing negative social and environmental ones.

Bhava - USA

Bhava vegan combat boots
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Bhava is a New York-based brand that is completely animal-free and does not use a leather-based format in its shoes.

They strongly believe in approaching design in a compassionate manner. All of their products are made to go beyond leather alternatives and have a focus on the people and the environment as well.

About The Boots

Bhava has a ton of cute boots in its collection. Their new Charlie combat boot is a stylish, round-toe classic with adjustable laces and a cork interior.

These vegan combat boots have minimal detailing and are less bulky than others. The soles, in particular, are thinner than your run-of-the-mill combat boot.

If you’re looking for a pair that’s relatively slim and light but still packs a punch, this is one of the best vegan combat boots for you.

It runs true to size, but you may want to size up if you have wider feet and down if you’ve got narrow ones.

However, you should not leave these boots out in the heat for too long as they may get damaged when you do so.

This isn’t the most hard-wearing pair of boots and is suitable for those who want combats for their stylish quality only.

Another lace-up boot we love from their selection is Ginsburg. It’s a lovely round toe that looks very similar to Charlie but has faux fur lining instead.

If you want more suggestions on boots for cold weather, check out our list of vegan winter boots.

Materials & Durability

The main material for these boots is Bhava’s European REACH certified faux leather.

Unfortunately, their website does not list specifics of this vegan leather, nor does it have a dedicated page for materials.

But, we do know that it is free from aromatic amines, PCP, formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates, azo-dyes, and chrome.

As mentioned, this pair also has soft cork cushioning to help keep your feet comfortable during wear.

Plus, it also has a soft and breathable inner lining that is also EU REACH compliant.

If you didn’t know, REACH is an EU certification that aims to protect human and environmental health through regulating the use of chemicals.

They cover all chemicals, including those used in daily essentials [2].

With regards to durability, this shoe is still incredibly premium and well-made. However, its excelling qualities lie in the design and make of the shoe.

It is not something that you can wear on all terrains and use during high-intensity activities.

That said, this pair could still very well be your everyday shoe for urban terrain with no issue. It just isn’t the best for the extreme outdoors.

All Bhava shoes have been tested in NYC for durability and should last you years.

When the soles start to give and break, make sure to get them repaired and extend their life.

Reducing waste ending up in landfills also necessitates efforts related to our wardrobe.

Brand Values

Bhava’s main mission is to address the concerns of those victimized by the fashion industry. Namely, the animals, the environment, workers, and you.

All their shoes are made in consideration of the above-mentioned, and they strive to stick by their mission in all regards.

The combat boots we talked about are made in Alicante, Spain. A location where there are plenty of artisans who still hand-make shoes.

And yes, all pairs are hand-made using a combination of traditional methods and cutting-edge technology.

What Constitutes A Combat Boot?

Bhava's GINSBURG vegan combat boots
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You may be familiar with combat boots from popularized Doc Martens Boots.

When you think of combat boots in pop culture or fashion, they’re definitely the first brand you think about.

Side note: We didn’t include Doc Martens in this list because we think there are plenty more ethical and sustainable brands for vegan combat boots out there.

That aside, combat boots, from their name, were originally applied in the military. And yes, they are still being worn today.

But the use of combat boots has largely changed and shifted. They’re no longer limited to just military use, and they’re now worn as fashionable boots for any season.

Because of that, however, there might be a bit of confusion on what a combat boot really is and how it’s different from other boots.

The main feature that separates combat boots from other boots is function. Combat boots are mainly outdoor footwear made for very difficult, uneven terrain and hard wear.

They usually offer great foot protection and ankle stability to protect you from injuries.

They last a really long time and are made to withstand stress—especially durable and high-quality ones.

The combat boots made for style today might not emulate all those characteristics in particular, but they still generally have similar features.

If we’re being real, there’s really not much of a difference between regular work boots and combat boots, except maybe for design.

There isn’t a standardized version of what combat boots should be, and most of what we know of it comes from popularized styles and definitions.

If you are buying combat boots just for fun and fashion, you don’t need to factor in protection so much.

But if you intend on using them for hiking and other specific tasks that require extremely durable shoes, you should go for combat boots that check all the features we mentioned above.

What To Consider When Buying The Most Earth-Friendly Vegan Combat Boots

Combat boots
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Durability is a huge factor in getting great combat boots. If there’s one thing you should not miss out on, it’s making sure your combat boots last a good while, even with heavy wearing and use.

Don’t go for boots that use low-quality PU as these will wear easily and will not last in the long run. Always check the product listing for the materials used.

Most vegan combat boots will have a synthetic upper, so make sure that you are getting high-grade synthetic leather. These ones are usually microfiber PU.


Comfort is crucial to a good pair of combat boots. Since they’re supposed to be ideal for long periods of wear, they also need to be comfortable and fit snugly.

The break-in process may take some time, and you might need to wait a bit before your boots become totally comfortable. Combat boots usually take extra time before they fit perfectly, so you have to be patient.

Sustainability & Ethics

Just because a pair of shoes aren’t made from genuine leather does not automatically mean that they are good for you and the planet.

In fact, there are plenty of materials that are technically vegan but are a far cry from the core reasoning behind the vegan movement.

The perfect example of this is PVC or polyvinyl chloride. PVC has a bad rap as a material, and for a good reason! Producing this kind of plastic involves many toxins and chemicals that are harmful to the body and to the environment [3].

It isn’t always easy to find the best material that comes with an adequate price-quality ratio, and that’s understandable. Though we know there are different vegan options, the ones we consider the most sustainable may not be the best material for combat boots.

Check out our article on vegan fabrics to better understand the varying levels of sustainability.


You can think of price as an aggregation of all the factors we mentioned above. You don’t necessarily have to buy more expensive options to ensure quality and ethical production, but the price is a major indication.

Cheap items are often made under bad working conditions and using subpar materials. So if you’re looking for very cheap products that are also ethically and sustainably made, you’ll be looking for a long time.

At least for this decade, paying fair wages and using sustainably sourced materials goes hand in hand with an end product with higher costs than market averages.

As you might have expected, one of the many reasons why products today can become so cheap is the cost-cutting in important areas like labor and quality raw materials.

We understand that not everyone has the budget to pay the premium tacked on by good wages or sustainable materials. Accessibility is definitely still an issue in the vegan fashion industry that needs resolving.

Therefore, do not hesitate to check out second-hand options instead, a much more sustainable and affordable option

Final Thoughts

We hope this list helped you pick out the perfect pair for you. And if it didn’t, we hope our guidelines and logic behind will be useful while choosing the right brand aligning with your values.

Going the extra mile and doing your research may be taxing, but it is all worth it for a cruelty-free pair of boots. And since you are in the market for some boots, you might also consider rain boots.


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