The Best Vegan Gift Baskets For Every Occasion

Choosing the right gift for your loved ones can be a bit challenging, and even more so when you need to make sure there are no animal-derived components. Whether you are yourself a convinced vegan or not, this article will guide you through a variety of vegan sets.

It takes practice to figure out the ins and outs of a vegan lifestyle.

With a gift basket, you don’t have to spend hours at the shop or online looking at the ingredient list. You’ll know that all the contents are not animal-based and safe to give to a friend practicing a vegan lifestyle.

However, there is also the possibility of personalizing your gift baskets thanks to a few tricks that we will share below.

Let’s explore the list of our favorite vegan gift baskets available.

Last Object
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Last Object
  • Reusable cotton swabs
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Refill option for tissues
Brooklyn Candle Studio
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Brooklyn Candle Studio
  • Hand poured
  • Soy wax candles
  • Lead-free candle wicks
Harry & David Fruit Gift Basket
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Harry & David Fruit Gift Basket
  • Fruit & flowers gift baskets
  • Woven hyacinth basket
  • Different options per season

Finchberry: Year of Soap

Finchberry handcrafts all of their products in Florida. They have wonderful artisan bar soaps that are perfect as gifts for many occasions.

Their Year of Soap collection box is especially great if you have a little bit extra to splurge on a big gift box for your loved ones.


Finchberry’s Year of Soap box has 11 full-sized bars of artisan soap. These bars almost look too good to use!

Year of Soap boxes contain:

  • Cranberry Chutney
  • Darling
  • Fresh & Clean
  • Grapes of Bath
  • Main Squeeze
  • Renegade Honey
  • Rosey Posey
  • Spark
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Tart Me Up
  • Wonderland.

The set contains an array of sweet, fruity, and tarty scents you’ll never get enough of. They also feature citrus scents like orange and lemon for that splash of freshness.

All these soaps are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, made in the USA without any preservatives.

Note: Their Renegade Honey variant is not actually made of honey, so it’s completely vegan. It’s a bit misleading since it looks and smells like it’s made of honey. But rest assured, it’s not.

Best for

This soap bar set has many conventionally feminine scents. But we won’t say that it’s only for the women in your life!

These scents, fruity though they may be, are great for everyone who has an appreciation for artisan soaps. Plus, there are also some gender-neutral scents in the set like Fresh & Clean and Sweet Dreams.

This set is great to give as a birthday present, anniversary gift, and much more. Just make sure that your recipient/s already take an interest in these kinds of bath and body products.

Extra Ideas

If Year of Soap isn’t enough for you or if you want a smaller box, they also have other options.

Finchberry has a cute little sampler tin with 8 of their best-selling soaps. At 1 inch thick and 3 inches long, these soaps are small. But they still pack the same effect.

If you want to make your gift a little more creative, Finchberry also has cute accessories. Our favorite is their produce-themed soap savers.

If you don’t know what soap savers are, we have an extensive article all about it, we recommend you check it out.

Last Object: Beauty Kit

Last Object
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You may be familiar with Last Object through their reusable cotton swab. But that’s not the only thing they sell. They also have multiple beauty products that you can give as gifts in a set or get for yourself!


The Last Object beauty kit contains four items.

  • Reusable cotton swab x1
  • Reusable cotton rounds x1 pack of 7 rounds
  • Reusable tissue x1
  • Laundry bag x1

And as always, these products are completely vegan.

Their cotton swab can be used up to 1000 times! Their cotton rounds can be used 1750 times each pack, and you can reuse the tissue for more than 3000 uses.

Each beauty kit is $58, so it might seem like a lot to spend on a couple of wipes and a cotton swab. But the high upfront cost pays for itself in the long run when there’s no longer a need to purchase single-use items constantly.

Best For

This vegan gift is great for your friend or loved one who wants to try a more sustainable life. We have a handy guide on how to begin your sustainable journey here.

Last Object has become incredibly popular in zero waste stores, organics shops, and even pharmacies. Thus, if your gift is intended for someone who is already switching away from single-use personal care items, you might want to find a more original gift basket.

Other ideas

If their beauty kit won’t suit your recipient, but you want to give them a sustainable gift, Last Object also has a personal care kit with similar items to the beauty kit but without the cotton rounds.

You also have the option of buying refills for the tissues in case you want to give your recipient the option of rotating with different wipes.

Manhattan Fruitier: Strictly Vegan Surprise

There are so many kinds of vegan gift baskets available, perhaps one of the most common are those related to food.

Manhattan Fruitier has been around for decades and they continue to serve unique treats until today. They also have vegan options such as their Strictly Vegan Surprise.


This cookie and fruit basket has an assortment of exotic and seasonal fresh fruits plus three different types of cookie treats. These food items are sure to cheer your recipient up.

It contains a pack of Emmy’s Organic Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Emmy’s Organic Vanilla Coconut Cookies, and the brand’s Vegan Choc-a-Block Cookies. Of course, these food gifts are all vegan and contain no animal products.

Note that Manhattan Fruitier reserves the right to switch out the types of fruit in this basket depending on what is in season.

Best for

This gift is perfect for the holiday season. Give your family and friends an extra holiday boost by sending over vegan gift baskets to them. Even if they’re not vegan, the contents in this gift basket are excellent.

The cookies are organic, vegan, and they are also gluten-free. This makes the basket a perfect gift for a vegan friend who also practices a gluten-free diet.

Other ideas

If you want to give a food basket but don’t think your recipient will like the cookies and fruits, you can always opt for another.

Manhattan Fruitier has plenty of other vegan gift baskets to choose from. A good alternative to their vegan surprise is their Strictly Vegan Breakfast Basket.

Harry & David: Fruit Gift Basket

Harry And David
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You can’t have a vegan gift baskets round-up without mentioning Harry & David. This brand makes excellent vegan gift baskets and boxes for every occasion.

Their Flowers and Fruit gift basket has an assortment of fresh fruits with a touch of flowers. Great for saying congratulations or as a gift of gratitude.

However, Harry & David is not a vegan brand. They just happen to have plenty of vegan-friendly gift basket options like fruit baskets (fresh or dried).


Their Flowers and Fruit gift baskets have pears, apples, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, baby bananas, avocados, mangoes, limes, and a set of roses. It also comes in a woven hyacinth basket.

The roses included in the gift box can even be replanted to keep a tangible memory of the gift.

The fruits are subject to season, so you might not get all of the listed fruits.

Best for

This is perfect for a family member who loves to receive food items as gifts. You can give them to someone you know loves fruit but may not have access to it in their state like during winter.

It’s such a great way to tell someone congratulations or thank you. No matter what the occasion, getting someone food baskets is an excellent way to show appreciation.

Other ideas

Alternatively, you can get their baby vegetable food basket. Foods like vegetables may not seem like a gift, but it comes in incredibly handy during the winter months where it’s a bit challenging to get your hands on some fresh products.

Lush: The Art of Bathing

By now, many of us are already familiar with Lush. Popular for their bath bombs and alternative toiletries, they’re a great brand to start with.

The Art of Bathing box set truly is what the name implies. It’s bathing but in art form. As Lush says, bathing isn’t just a way of getting clean. It’s an art.


This box contains 15 bath bombs and bubble bars ranging from 3.1 to 7 oz. for a full bathing experience. With this gift set, your recipient will be set for some time in the fizz and bubbles.

The Art of Bathing features variations like Avobath, Intergalactic, Groovy kind of love, Deep Sleep, and much more.

Of course, this bath bomb and bar set is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Check out their website for a full ingredient list.

Best for

With all of its relaxing and fun scents, this Lush box is great to give as a gift for your friend’s bridal shower, as a thank you gift to your mom, or even just as a random act of gratitude for a close friend.

These bath bombs and bubble bars are a great way to say you care about their well-being and they deserve to take a step back and relax once in a while.

Other ideas

This box set is a bit expensive, so it might not be within everybody’s budget. If you’re looking for similar box sets but in more affordable and smaller versions, Lush also has other vegan gift box sets.

Their Sweetest Thing gift box has a lip scrub, a bath bomb, and a bubble bar packed in a sweet little pink gift box. All items included are vegan.

Lush has many other box sets, but be wary and always check the ingredients. Lush is a vegetarian, not a vegan brand. They use honey in some products, so you’ll need to watch out for that.

The products themselves are easy to navigate through. Each product in a set has a complete ingredient list and it is always indicated if it’s vegan or not.

Compartes: Vegan Paleo Luxury Chocolate Gift Set

Compartes is a gourmet chocolate brand that makes chocolates not only delightful to the tastebuds but an experience to immerse oneself in.

Based in Los Angeles and making chocolates for more than 70 years, buying and eating their chocolates is a sure delight.


Their Organic Vegan Palaeo Chocolate Bar set has 8 signature gift bars. The chocolate bars are 100% vegan, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and are completely free of refined sugar.

The chocolate bars are made of dark chocolate together with both familiar and unfamiliar flavors. This set features a chocolate bar with dragon fruit and goji berries. It also has familiar flavors like pure 80% dark chocolate and almonds or dark chocolate with fruit flavors.

Getting a chocolate gift basket like this is a luxury. Wrapped in statement artwork, it’s a beautiful gift that you can get for someone important or even just for yourself.

Best for

Chocolate gift baskets like this one are perfect for a chocolate lover. If you have a friend that loves chocolate, you can’t get any better than this.

Chocolates are already such a treat on their own, but you can make it even more special by personalizing your gift.

Other ideas

If you truly want to go the extra mile, Compartes offers a custom chocolate service where you can customize everything from the chocolate itself to the sleeve of the gift box. Perfect for creating a special, unique gift.

Just follow their upload process on the customize navigation menu and they’ll give you a free quote. Granted, customized treats are a bit more pricey but definitely worth a try!.

Brooklyn Candle Studio: Collector's Set

There’s really something special about relaxing at home with a lit candle. You could be in bed reading or in the bath winding down after a day’s work.

If you are looking for a magical gift, go for that experience with Brooklyn Candle Studio’s collector’s set.


In partnership with California-based artist Allison Kunath, this candle set contains three gorgeous candles in ceramic containers.

Hand-poured with care in New York, these candles are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Brooklyn Candle Studio only uses soy wax (no beeswax) in their candles and ensures lead-free candle wicks for an eco-friendly candle lighting experience. These candles are also petroleum-free.

The candles are infused with essential oils to ensure a premium experience.

Best for

This gift is best for the women in your life. Indeed, the artist intended to capture the essence of feminine grace, beauty, and strength in the unbroken line art that adorns the ceramic vessel.

Give this to your mom to show her you love her, to your wife or significant other, your sister, and any other woman in your life, no matter what the occasion is. There’s always a reason to celebrate the strength of womanhood.

What Makes a Good Vegan Gift?

Vegan gift basket
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The only rule when giving your vegan friends gifts is to make sure that everything you give them is vegan AND cruelty-free.

A good example we’ve seen is of people wondering whether fish are animals or not, which could impact a potential gift or food idea.Β 

It’s important to emphasize the cruelty-free part because not all vegan items are cruelty-free, especially in products like make-up and skincare.

Other than that, a good vegan gift all depends on what your recipient loves! Make sure that you gift them something they’ll actually use and enjoy. As often discussed on Puratium, we first want to encourage our readers to upcycle or reuse what they own rather than buying new.

Fair to say this is not always feasible, thus the importance of choosing your gifts well, and from ethical and sustainable brands.

Whether it’s a care package or a thank you gift, it doesn’t have to be practical or functional, simply a gift that you know your will treasure.

The best vegan gift baskets are those that add value to your recipient’s life.

You can choose between gift baskets that are full of consumables or ones that have skincare essentials or even a sustainability starter kit. The options are virtually endless.

DIY Gift Basket Ideas

DIY vegan gift basket
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If you can’t find the perfect one from the ones we suggested above, why not make your own?

It’s an extra step to purchase and arrange the gift basket, but your recipient will surely love the personal touch.

Plus, you can add items that you know they already use. If you can’t find the best vegan gift baskets that’ll suit your recipient, then there’s no reason you can’t make your own.

Here are some suggestions for making your own DIY vegan gift baskets.

Tea-themed gift basket

Making a tea-themed vegan gift basket is an easy way to incorporate many items into a gift basket with relatively little effort. You can just purchase different types and flavors of tea and make it an adventure!

You can even make it similar to an advent calendar so it’s a more engaging experience for whoever receives the gift.

You can place the tea in little boxes and arrange them in an interactive way. A bit of an effort, but it gets your creative juices flowing.

Sustainability/Zero-waste starter kit

Another great idea is to compile products that are essential for living a sustainable and zero waste life. By essential we mean that once you have used your single used items (the purpose is not to throw them away at any cost), you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint by buying reusable, long-lasting items ideally made from renewable materials.

If your loved one has been showing interest in zero waste items, this personalized attention will likely make a great impression.

You can add anything from sustainable toiletries to sustainable produce bags. If you’re not sure where to start, you can read up on our tips for living a zero waste lifestyle to get some ideas.

Vegan Snack Gift Boxes

How about vegan snacks? A great way to gift vegan snacks is through a well-curated snack box. We didn’t feature them above, but a good brand for vegan snacks is Bunny James.

Bunny James caters to all sorts of dietary restrictions, so they’re a great place to get vegan treats from.

If you didn’t find any snacks you like, just make your own! There are plenty of vegan snacks you can buy at your local grocery store. Vegan treats aren’t difficult to find if you’re not discouraged by reading the ingredients or fabrics on the tag.

Stores that feature healthy snacks are also likely to stock up on many vegan snacks. Either way, you can easily curate your own little box.

Bath Essentials Gift Basket

You could also gift a bath essentials pack. You can include items like shampoo and conditioner bars, toothpaste tablets, new face towels, candles, anything you can think of.

Of course, make it a basket they can truly enjoy. You can even add a face mask or two in there if your recipient is an avid fan of skincare. They can use it to pamper themselves during relaxing bath times.

Alternatively, you can also include beauty items to make it more of a pampering kit. Just make sure that the beauty items are also vegan!

Non-vegan Items That Most Think Are Vegan

If you’re thinking about making your own vegan gift basket, you’ll need a couple of pointers first. There are so many products and ingredients that many people think are vegan, but they’re actually not. Let’s take a look at some of them to help you on your hunt for the perfect vegan gifts.


Beeswax is often present in products such as candles or beauty items. As it happens, candles are also a common gift basket good.

Be careful about buying candles for your gift baskets since many of them have beeswax.

As beeswax comes from the hard work of bees, it isn’t a vegan ingredient. If you want to buy something, check the label. If it has beeswax on the ingredient list, put it back down.


Some types of china are not vegan. Namely, bone china. While giving away plates as gift sets aren’t common, tea sets usually make for a great gift.

Unfortunately, bone china is made from real bone and is most definitely not vegan.


Many non-vegans probably aren’t aware that gelatin isn’t vegan. This common ingredient is part of so many foods we love such as marshmallows. But sadly, it isn’t vegan. Gelatin is extracted from animal collagen, making it an animal product.

This is one food item you should be very wary about as it could be in the food you buy and you wouldn’t even know it. Like always, just make sure to check the ingredient list.


If you’re thinking of making a vegan gift basket with any silk on it, think again. All forms of conventional silk are nonvegan. Since it is derived from silkworms, it is an animal product.

However, there are now vegan silk alternatives, though they’re not very common yet. Most products that use vegan silk will say if they use the vegan alternative.

Shampoos & Other Toiletries

Some shampoos and toiletries like toothpaste and soap also contain many animal-based ingredients that the trained eye won’t be able to spot.

Propolis, for example, is a common ingredient that you’ll find in many kinds of toothpaste. A non-vegan might not know that propolis is actually derived from bees.

Glycerin and lectin could also be derived from animals. These two ingredients are also often found in our toiletries.

How to Know if a Product is Vegan

There are plenty of ingredients that you might miss when looking for a vegan gift. But one thing you can do is look for vegan certifications.

This comes in very handy when you are making your own gift boxes.

Most vegan products will indicate that they are vegan and cruelty-free. Certifications such as the PETA or leaping bunny are a plus.

If you truly have no idea where to begin, try looking for products that have vegan certifications and keep educating yourself on the matter by reading from trustworthy sources.

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal gift is never easy and for some, adding the vegan dimension is comes with a challenge.

Independently of the occasion, we hope this article was of help to find the product or basket ideas that you were looking for. Whether you wanted to find a pick-and-go kind of basket, or you were looking at the most unique and customized vegan set, this article provided you with a variety of brands and budgets.

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