The Best Ethical Vegan Rain Boots To Consider

It might come as a bit of a surprise that there is a market for vegan rain boots. After all, most rubber rain boots are already fully vegan and are water-resistant without the need for animal products.

Rain boots are unique in the shoe industry as they typically do not need any leather since leather is not always great when exposed to a lot of constant moisture. Many rainboots are “accidentally vegan.”

However, it also remains true that some rainboots have animal-sourced components, whether it’s in the glue or in the lining used to keep your feet safe from snow and cold weather.

The good news is that there you have plenty of vegan choices! Regardless of whether you’re in search of function, style, or both, the following brands will deliver on quality, design, and most of all, ethics and sustainability.

Merry People - US/Australia

Merry people vegan rain boots
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Like many brands in the sustainability industry, Merry People was born out of an idea, a concept. At the brand’s inception, the goal was to create a pair of boots that could successfully bridge the gap between city and country life, crossing paths with function and style all the while.

More About The Rain Boots

Merry People’s main products are rain boots, filling a gap in the market for a product type that not many brands can execute well on all fronts.

This vegan shop has several options for vegan rain boots to choose from, depending on whether you’re looking for a high, mid-calf boot or a shorter one for a more casual look.

These vegan shoes come in great colors and excellent style.

The best part about these boots is how they seamlessly integrate function into the stylish design. In any type of shoe, it’s always important not to let the design eclipse the true function of the shoes—this is even more important with rain boots!

Each set is super comfortable and 100% waterproof, keeping your toes warm and dry in any weather. The boots have also been tested in freezing weather, so you have assurance that these boots will be good for the winter snow or year-round rain.

Materials & Sustainability

Merry People only makes vegan products, and none of their boots contain animal or animal-derived components. Although they are not certified vegan, their commitment to authenticity and kindness are traits we can use to assess them while they still haven’t secured a certification.

The brand uses natural rubber for the outer portion of the boots and a thin neoprene lining on the inside. The lining helps keep the boots comfortable and makes them easier to slip on and off. Because these vegan boots are slip-on, they don’t need a gusseted tongue to become truly waterproof.

The boot also includes arch support and features removable insoles for added comfort. Do remember that since these boots are not slip-resistant, they are not viable alternatives to work boots, nor have they been tested for that purpose.

Merry People is also dedicated to keeping their operations as sustainable as possible. They pay close attention to sales forecasts and produce just enough to avoid waste going to the landfills.

Ethics & Community

Merry People boots are made in a family-owned factory in China. But before red flags flash before your eyes, the main reason for their outsourcing is that they couldn’t find an Australian factory that could produce for them at the quality and scale they require.

All products are handmade, and all personnel involved work in fair, safe, legal, and humane working conditions.

If you’re looking to shop for high-quality yet style vegan boots, we cannot recommend Merry People enough.

Thesus - Canada

Thesus vegan rain boots
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Thesus, previously known as Alice+Whittles, is yet another apparel shop that aims to do better for and by the planet by creating sustainable and eco friendly shoes.

A socially and environmentally progressive company, Thesus is committed to offering actual value to its customers through ethical and sustainable production.

More About The Rain Boots

Thesus vegan rain boots are ankle boots, best for more casual looks or lighter weather. These boots are perfect if you live someplace where it rains often and you need strong protection against an endless barrage of puddles.

That said, these rubber boots are also perfect for doing mild garden work or hiking your favorite trail.

These vegan rain boots are available only in a few colors, but nearly all of them are versatile enough for you to match with any outfit you’d like. They are available for men and women.

The boots themselves are lightweight, give an anti-slip tread, and provide an overall excellent wearing experience. Of course, they are waterproof and won’t leave your feet and socks soggy at the end of the day.

If you plan on buying a pair from this shop, do note that the sizes can be a bit narrow, and sizing up may be the best option for your purchase.

If you still need some room, you can also take out the insoles and wear extra thick socks, especially during cold winter months when you need that extra padding.

Materials & Sustainability

The boots are made of 100% natural tree rubber—sourced ethically and certified by the FRA.

As farming this material can be detrimental to the fight against deforestation, it’s crucial to ensure that we purchase rubber rain boots made with sustainably sourced materials.

As of writing, Thesus is on its way to achieving 100% recycled or natural materials in all of its products, sealing its promise of being an environmentally progressive brand.

Ethics & Community

Thesus’ core values for each pair of shoes they make revolves around good quality and low impact products made through ethical means. They’re also working towards issuing a bi-annual report of their current practices, the first one coming in the middle of 2022.

Half of their products are made in Sri Lanka, while the other half are made in Portugal. All the factories they work with are family-run, indicating closer relationships built on trust and transparency rather than profit alone.

All workers employed under Thesus and the manufacturers they work with make a living wage, and they are looking to expand this throughout their entire supply chain.

What we love most about Thesus is their commitment to tangible goals that are achievable in the short term. One of the most pressing problems in solving environmental issues is the lack of speedy action, especially on a policy level. Most promises are years or even decades into the future!

For Thesus to put out actually achievable goals like becoming climate positive by 2022, it gives us hope in better systems for our future. You can read more about their values here.

Hunter - UK

Hunter vegan rain boots
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Hunter is a British heritage brand and likely has the broadest range of vegan rain boots on this list. Founded way back in the 1850s, this shoewear shop has a rich history of innovation and designing function-driven pieces that are meant for the outdoors.

More About The Rain Boots

Because Hunter has been established for centuries, they also have the most extensive waterproof boot collection of the best vegan rain boots you’ll find in the market.

They have options for kids’, women’s, and men’s rain boots in their collection, many of which are vegan. Unfortunately, not all Hunter boots are vegan.

However, because of the primary material they use in production, many of their designs and styles have been vegan shoes from the get-go!

Although this is technically a case of being “accidentally” vegan, the materials used definitely align with vegan values in fashion, unlike the case of toxic “vegan” materials like PVC.

Most of their vegan shoe collection is made of classic cuts and dark colors. However, you will also find a smattering of bright pink and cream colors on some designs.

This store has a pair of rubber boots for you, regardless of whether you’re looking for tall, knee-high boots for garden work or short, ankle-length cuts for hiking.

Materials & Sustainability

Hunter’s main material of choice is natural rubber. Although not all their boots are vegan products, the vegan options that they do have are made from rubber from the outers to the soles.

When you shop from their website, you can easily go to all their vegan options by clicking the “vegan edit” on the display page. This will lead you to a selection of products made with only vegan materials.

Hunter has a firm Forest Materials Policy (written with the Rainforest Alliance) detailing all their sustainable and ethical sourcing requirements. Among their policies, they include a preference for FSC-certified rubber, sourcing from plantations that are open to 3rd party audits, and never working with plantations that contribute to deforestation.

Right now, Hunter is yet to achieve their goal of using 100% FSC-certified rubber in their rain boots, but they have solid plans for achieving it in the next few years.

The brand has also begun to offset their carbon emissions. In 2020, they offset all the emissions from their UK stores, offices, and transportation, and they are working towards expanding this initiative throughout their global stores.

If you want to know more about Hunter’s steps towards more sustainable production, read their manifesto here.

Ethics & Community

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Hunter also has a supplier Code of Conduct in place to ensure ethical treatment of workers across the supply chain.

Each person involved in the manufacturing process is paid fair, living wages, and work reasonable hours under humane conditions. Hunter independently audits each supplier to ensure that their Code of Conduct is being implemented.

Hunter also gives back to the community by regularly donating boots; whether it’s to a child living in a hurricane-struck area or medical practitioners in Indonesia, Hunter finds a way for their shoes to end up in a good home.

Aigle - US/France

Aigle vegan rain boots
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Aigle is another heritage company that has been around for more than a century. Since the 1800s, they have been making city shoes resistant to temperature and water.

More About The Rain Boots

Aigle rainboots come in an incredible range of color, style, and overall variety. As a company that’s been in the industry for quite a long time, it makes sense that they also hold one of the largest selections on this list.

But if you were to shop here, we highly recommend their boot collection for kids! They have really fun patterns that will be appealing to children who are looking to have fun with their style and personality.

If you have kids at home, you can ask them to pick their own boot set among a sea of patterns and bright colors. A sturdy set is excellent for protecting their feet during the winter or if they’re playing in the snow.

But it isn’t only shoes for kids that they excel at. Aigle also has a decent selection of waterproof footwear for adult men and women. These also come in various styles and designs, adding a splash of creativity to your accessories game.

Materials & Sustainability

Aigle uses several materials for their shoes. First off, let’s clarify that they are not a fully vegan brand. Meaning, they do have footwear with animal products. Some of the animal-based materials they use are recycled wool and responsible down.

If you’d instead shop from a brand that doesn’t use any animal components at all, it’s best to skip Aigle in your shoe shopping journey.

Their vegan shoewear is composed chiefly of rubber for the outers and the sole, polyester and cotton for the lining, and polyester for the insole.

Polyester isn’t the best material to use here, but it sure beats using fur or other animal-derived products. If you want to know more about vegan materials, feel free to check our guide here.

Ethics & Community

Aigle products are made in France and other countries across the world. Each product label indicates where the shoe was made, and you can check their page for supplier responsibility for more information.

The company is also part of the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability, which aims to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Part of this initiative is conducting regular audits to ascertain adherence to the Code of Conduct.

You can read more about Aigle’s practices and goals here.

Call It Spring - Canada

callitspring vegan rain boots
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Climate-neutral and PETA-certified vegan, Call It Spring is one of the best footwear and accessories brands in the boot industry.

This Canadian clothing company understands that vegan is not always synonymous with sustainability, and they strive to bridge the gap by making eco-conscious products that make everybody feel good.

More About The Rain Boots

Call It Spring’s vegan rain boot collection is mainly composed of classic, waterproof styles that’ll keep your feet dry and comfy in the winter snow or heavy rain.

They have high-cut rain boots and the original short design, perfect for casual walks in rainy weather or mild outdoor work. Most of their styles are available in earthy colors like black or brown, but there are also some lighter options like cream.

Each boot is made with comfort and durability in mind, flexible enough to wear for harsh weather while also remaining appropriate for more fashionable looks.

Of course, these boots will keep your feet warm and toasty even in the cold winter months.

Materials & Sustainability

This shop is slightly different from the other brands on this list because their footwear is made from vegan leather! Now, rain boots are typically not made from animal leather because the material is not waterproof.

However, in this case, the brand is specifically using vegan leather, which typically does not have the limitations present in animal-based leather.

Instead, they use a combination of recycled materials and water-based PU to create the outers of their shoes. They also use some recycled polyester to serve as the lining within each boot.

That said, there is still some rubber present in each boot. Namely, in the soles. The insole, on the other hand, is made using recycled mattresses! This shop has thus far upcycled more than 100 mattresses to help make their shoes.

Ethics & Community

Call It Spring is actually a subsidiary of the Aldo Group, which means it isn’t an independent company in and of itself. It follows the group’s standards on ethical sourcing, which involves auditing their suppliers regularly for compliance with their Code of Conduct.

They also provide training to the factories they work with to improve engagement with their suppliers and for better communication of the company’s goals and mission.

If you’re interested in knowing more about their practices, you can read about it here.

Final Thoughts

The search for the best vegan rain boots is challenging but is an excellent way to promote your values at no additional cost. When you shop from quality, ethical brands, you actively support the vegan cause and help foster a future of stylish, sustainable fashion.

Not all of what we listed are suitable for your purposes, and that’s okay! Make this list and your needs as a baseline and build from there.

And also keep in mind we have guides on winter boots and combat boots that are vegan as well!

We hope this guide helps you shop for the best and most stylish pair of vegan boots with the least environmental and ethical cost.

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