Vegan Slippers From Eco-conscious Brands To Suit All Tastes

Keeping your feet warm and comfy at home is an underrated luxury. Coming home and sinking into your luscious faux fur slippers and relaxing is a great way to transition from the harsh outdoors to the comfort of your home.

However, many of the slippers today are made using animal products such as suede, leather, and the like, whose manufacturing process can come at a high price for the environment and its living creatures. That isn’t even considering minor aspects of production, like glue content.

Fortunately, vegan options for eco friendly made slippers are increasing! There are now plenty of brands that offer vegan slippers that don’t compromise on comfort, style, and ethics.

Fair to say that it was actually a bit of a challenge to shortlist vegan slippers from brands that are also fully vegan. This roundup is therefore a mix of both 100% vegan and vegan-friendly brands. And for each one, we will indicate whether they’re fully vegan or not.

We selected these brands based on quality as well as their business practices. We prioritized companies that have high ethical standards, strive to be continuously more environmentally friendly, and are transparent about their production and supply chain practices.

However, we don’t always find ones that check all of our boxes completely. And as much as we’d like that they all do, it isn’t always possible for various complex reasons.

Let’s discover together the best vegan slippers for both your closet and the planet:

Corkor - Portugal (100% Vegan)

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Corkor is driven by the dream of creating better vegan accessories. They are PETA-approved vegan and there are no animal products in any of their creations.

The company is based in Portugal and designs exclusively from cork fabric—hence the name, Corkor.

About the slippers

Corkor mainly deals with bags and other accessories like belts and wallets, but they also have cozy vegan slippers in their collection!

Their slip-ons are available for both men and women, with a different design for each. These vegan slippers are super comfortable; perfect for indoor wearing and lounging around.

Their men’s slippers are made from premium cork and a comfortable inner textile. It also has a slight heel detail for optimum comfort.

Their vegan slippers for women have a slightly different design. Part of the inner textile is exposed to the outside, creating a dual-toned upper that’s just a tad bit different than the men’s version.

Since they’re predominantly made from cork, which is a super lightweight material, these slip-on shoes are incredibly light as well. These ones are some of the best vegan slippers you can find when it comes to function and sustainability.

Both styles come in two colors. Light brown and brown. And both have cork-like patterns that add more texture and personality to them.


Corkor uses cork that has been harvested sustainably and has the certifications to back it up. All their cork leather is certified sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The material comes from the bark of the oak tree and is harvested without cutting down the tree or harming it. It’s actually one of the most sustainable kinds of vegan leather available.

Cork is super light, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant as well, making it a very durable material. It’s made from natural fibers and has a smooth surface despite having a beautiful cork pattern.

The soles are made from synthetic material.

Company Ethos

Corkor is 100% vegan and animal-free, sustainable, and environmentally responsible. These standards are what guide the entirety of their operations.

Each piece is handmade in their Portuguese workshop, which is also owned by the founders. Because they own it and manage it directly, they have the entire say in the production process.

The company only sources and manufactures locally, which reduces its environmental footprint. They also use non-toxic water-based dyes and use water reutilization systems.

Noah - Germany (100% Vegan)

Noah has been making high-quality vegan footwear for 12 years. Their shoes express traditional Italian shoes without any of the leather.

This award-winning company is PETA-approved vegan and they make all of their shoes in Italy.

About the Slippers

This brand leans towards vegan slippers that you can also utilize for mild outdoor use. They have collections for men and women, as well as for kids.

Our personal pick for women is the Alicia Organic Slip-on. It is super light and comfortable and has a removable inner sole and a non-slip outer rubber sole.

It comes in blue or gray with black lining and is your typical slip-on design. The outer sole is shock-absorbing so they’re the perfect companion for easily tired feet.

These slippers are perfect if you want house slippers that can double as shoes that you can wear on quick errands.

For men’s slippers, we suggest taking a look at the Donato Organic Slipper. These casual vegan mocassins are part of their biodegradable product range.

For your little ones, Lina & Lino are the perfect moccasin slippers for a summer day or for using indoors.


Noah uses a variety of materials to create their shoes. For the slippers, they use all vegan and cruelty-free materials.

The material for the uppers is a blend of organic cotton and linen. The brand only uses fibers from organically grown flax plants, as with the cotton fabric that they use.

The ultra-light properties of these fabrics make the vegan slippers incredibly comfortable and cool even during peak summertime.

Inner soles are crafter from kenaf, which is a jute-like plant providing breathable relief for your feet.

The outer soles in the organic line are made from non-slip rubber vulcanized into the shoe. This means no glues were used during production.

Company Ethos

Noah is committed to a production process that does not harm the environment, animals, and all the people involved.

They use a variety of durable, plant-based, and synthetic materials that never involve animal sources.

All their shoes are made in Italy in factories that produce under traditional Italian fashion. These factories comply with all necessary regulations in place to protect workers from unethical practices.

Nomadic State of Mind - USA (100% Vegan)

Highly influenced by ideas of adventure and exploration, Nomadic State of Mind makes handmade sandals, decor, and other organic apparel.

They are fully vegan and cruelty-free. The company also focuses on using recycled materials where possible and tries to integrate sustainability in all aspects of production.

About The Slippers

This brand is a little bit different than the rest of the vegan shoes we talked about in this list. Instead of being made from faux fur, memory foam, or faux shearling, these vegan slippers are made of rope!

The brand’s Slippas come in a variety of colors and are the perfect pair of vegan slippers to wear at home. It might not be what you’re used to, but it’s actually a pretty comfortable cruelty-free option to slippers.

The slippers are available for both men and women.

It’s purely up to your preference, but if we had to choose we would go for the Slippa in Camel Cafe. It’s an interwoven mix of cream and brown that fully covers your front feet.

These house slippers are also available in red, black, gold, and other colors.


As we mentioned, the main material for this slipper is rope. They manufacture the rope in North Carolina and it is made of partly reclaimed polypropylene cord.

Polypropylene is a petroleum-based product and it is not the most sustainable material. It’s actually used in a wide variety of ways from packaging to auto parts. It’s quite interesting to see it integrated into footwear.

Though it is plastic— and we’re not really fans of virgin plastic here—it comes with the advantage of being extremely resistant hence they last you a long time. We should always consider durability when considering how sustainable a particular material is.

The positive message to remember about their production is that about 90% of the waste is repurposed thanks to their No Scraps Left Behind project.

Brand Ethos

Nomadic State of Mind is a close-knit community of people who want to make a positive impact through sandals.

All their footwear is made by a small community in Nicaragua, a group with which they have been working since 2000. They believe in fair trade and responsible manufacturing by providing steady, reliable income all year long.

Allkind - UK (100% Vegan)

Allkind is a relatively new business in the vegan sphere, only being around since 2020. They are a completely vegan brand aiming to create luxury, no-compromise vegan footwear.

They make designer shoes that are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and kinder to the environment than most non-vegan options.

About The slippers

Our vegan slippers of choice from this brand is their vegan wool slipper. It comes in a lovely tan color that looks super cute, even if you will just be wearing it at home anyway.

These cozy slippers primarily meant to be house slippers for the colder months, but you can wear them all year long if you want to for a surprising eco-stylish look.

These slippers provide full frontal coverage for optimum coziness without any stuffy feeling. The organic cotton lining and insole will give your feet additional cushioning and comfort.


The upper of these slippers are made from vegan suede with vegan wool. Allkind has mentioned that a selection of their synthetic suede materials is made from 100% recycled polyester.

The vegan suede is water-based and solvent-free, which reduces its environmental impact. The soft lining and insole are made from organic cotton.

They did not explicitly state what the outsoles are made of, but they do mention that they use recycled rubber in making their vegan footwear.

Packaging-wise, all of the brand’s packaging is recyclable and their labels are made using vegetable inks.

Most of all, we like how the company acknowledges that their set of raw materials still aren’t the most eco friendly. There are countless brands out there that relentlessly market their products as environmentally kind without any proportionate action—classic greenwashing.

They are working towards better solutions and they envision achieving 100% eco friendly status by 2022.

Brand Ethos

Allkind is focused on ethical and sustainable production. They prioritize recycled and recyclable options where they can, and they are continuously looking for better choices.

All their shoes are made in Spain under fair trade working environments and they are governed by European Union regulations. The company is also a member of Sedex, which helps show that they operate under ethical conditions.

Moreover, they are committed to being a carbon-negative business and are partnering with organizations in their efforts. They donate 5% of their profits to a cause of their choice.

They’re a very new brand and they’ve still got a ways to go. We’re really excited to see how they will improve their practices in the future. Keep that brand on your radar as well

Ethical Wares - UK (100% Vegan)

Ethical Wares has been operating since 1993—a time when vegan options weren’t that popular or common. Now, they have over 500 vegan products in-store.

They are a cruelty-free and vegan footwear and lifestyle accessories brand. For 27 years, they have given their conscious customers vegan alternatives to everyday items.

About the Slippers

Ethical Wares has quite a collection of cozy slippers and other vegan shoes in various designs and colors.

Their women’s slippers in grey are just the right amount of warm and cozy to keep you more than comfortable at home. It comes in a speckled mix of gray and light gray.

You can also get other slippers with different colors and styles. Their vegan slippers for women are available in green and turquoise, but some have pretty obvious prints that might not be appealing to everyone.

They also have men’s slippers in black and navy in a very similar style to the ladies’.


The uppers are made from recycled plastic bottles, which is, to a certain extent, a positive gesture for the planet since there are way fewer virgin materials used in the process.

However, here at Puratium, we maintain that recycling isn’t the best option nearly all of the time. We like seeing items that come from repurposed materials, but we don’t make it our first priority as explained here.

Seeing that something is recycled may automatically kindle a feeling of good and warmth, but always take it with a grain of salt. In this particular case, using recycled synthetic materials is much better than using virgin polyester, as long as taken care of and disposed of properly. If you are interested in exploring the topic of zero (low) waste fashion, take a sneak peek here.

The insole is made from organic cotton, creating a soft, comfortable surface. Cotton is actually a pretty resource-intensive material when processed conventionally. Organic cotton uses far fewer resources and creates a lesser footprint.

Last note; these animal-friendly slippers have recycled rubber soles.

Company Ethos

At its core, Ethical Wares is very much all about creating items without the use of any animal products. They believe in the change that can be brought on by our everyday purchases.

And while change for the better doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to the idea of buying and consuming, it’s good to have your options open should the need arise.

All their products are sourced with care and done with the utmost consideration for the workers involved. They work with local footwear suppliers to help support the local industry as it’s facing intense competition from abroad.

Many of their products are covered by Fair Trade criteria to ensure ethical sourcing.

Freewaters - USA

Freewaters is a California-based footwear company that has supported grassroots movements for clean drinking water through each pair of shoes sold.

However, they are not a fully vegan brand. Around 90% of the collection is vegan shoes. They do use animal-based materials like leather and suede. If you’d rather buy from a brand that is 100% vegan, have a look at the other options described above.

About the Slippers

Freewaters has vegan slippers for both men and women. They have super comfy slippers that feel cozy and warm during chilly days.

If you’re looking for vegan slippers for women, take a look at Chloe 2. It is a gray pair with a cute geo print insole. You won’t really see it when you’re wearing it, but it’s still super fun and creative.

It has great arch support and the cushioning will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. The outsoles also provide excellent grip on all surfaces.

For men, check out The Machine. It’s virtually the same pair, except it doesn’t have the faux fur lining and has vegan leather in its place. This vegan slipper comes in wheat and charcoal.

This pair is designed to keep your feet warm and cozy without feeling too stuffy, so they’re perfect for lounging around and relaxing at home.


Both pairs are made with all vegan materials, so no animals harmed for the comfort of your feet.

The uppers are knit fabrics made of faux wool, ensuring that the slippers provide adequate all-day ventilation. They then have either vegan leather or faux fur lining.

Unfortunately, the material made for the cushion is not specifically stated, even though it does provide excellent arch support. We can only encourage Freewaters to do better in materials transparency.

Brand Ethos

Freewaters has a pretty admirable set of company values that they adhere to. All their shoes are founded on high-quality design and are always travel tested for versatility.

Production-wise, they only select manufacturers that meet their high standards for labor ethics and the quality of work. Each company is audited according to Freewaters’ code of conduct.

From the company name, much of their community efforts are geared towards providing access to water in Haiti, Kenya, and the Philippines.

From rainwater harvesting to providing clean water in remote areas, each pair of shoes you buy from them supports water access initiatives for those in need. You can even pick which initiative you want your purchases to help with!

Commonly Found Animal Products In Slippers

There are so many ways that humans use animals in everyday items, slippers included. Some of the most common ones are the following:


As exhibited in the products we talked about above, faux wool is a pretty common material in vegan slippers. As such, the animal-derived version is also very common in regular, nonvegan slippers.

It’s most often utilized for the uppers as it’s great at providing warmth and extra comfort. But, the vegan counterpart can do virtually the same job.


Suede is another common material found in slippers. In vegan slippers, you’ll notice that many have synthetic suede uppers or insoles. Nonvegan slippers utilize real suede the same way.

Suede is actually a type of leather that’s well known for its structure and comfort. And as good slippers usually have high comfort factors, suede comes in as a highly appreciated material.


It isn’t really that animal-derived glues are always used in slippers. It’s more about the ambiguity that surrounds glue in footwear.

Something as trivial as glue usually goes unnoticed. So when you’re looking for vegan slippers, always make sure they’re free from animal glues as well.

Sustainable Vegan Materials To Keep Your Feet Warm


Cotton is one of the most heavily used textiles in the world. It’s no surprise that it plays a part even in slippers! It’s used as part of the insole or as lining.

However, try to buy slippers using organic cotton. Conventional cotton production is too resource-intensive and environmentally draining to be labeled as truly sustainable.

Faux Fur/Faux Shearling

Despite fur being a tacky fabric nowadays, its synthetic equivalent is still pretty relevant. Especially in clothing made for colder seasons.

You’ll find many vegan slippers made with faux fur or faux shearling lining. The soft and plush nature of the textile makes it the perfect material to protect your feet from the cold.

However, faux fur is typically made from blends of polyester and/acrylic. Make sure to opt for brands that use recycled or repurposed materials in their faux fur in order to reduce your product’s environmental footprint. Moreover, be mindful to look for clothes, and products in general, that embrace a circular economy principle. What is the point of buying clothes from recycled polyester if they end up in landfills?

Faux Wool

Faux wool is a very breathable material, which makes it a great upper for slippers. Since you want slippers that are cozy without being too stifling, you’ll need a material that can still ventilate.

In reality, vegan slippers will usually have a mixture of different types of fabric. We recommend you buy slippers that are labeled vegan for complete assurance that it’s free from any animal products. However, just like faux fur, faux wool is typically made from synthetic fibers such as acrylic, modacrylic, and/or polyester(1), all being forms of plastic.

At Puratium, we want to continuously educate ourselves and our readers on what is safer for the planet and its beautiful living creatures. Virgin plastic as a primary material in fashion should therefore be excluded as often as possible from your purchase habits, and this includes faux wool and faux fur slippers.

We tackle this complex topic on sustainable fabrics (whether vegan or not, depending on your personal beliefs) at the end of this review on ethical underwear.

Final Thoughts

We hope this round-up of the most eco-conscious vegan slippers available will help you find the perfect pair of animal-friendly slippers.

Now that the market for vegan slippers is much more accommodating, you’ll most likely find whatever it is you prefer without comprising your beliefs and engagement to fight for a better planet.

And, whether your focus is to live according to a low waste or vegan lifestyle (or both), finding eco friendly products has become more and more affordable.

If you are looking for more information on vegan accessories such as perfumes or belts (whether as an eco-friendly gift or just for yourself!), hit the search button on the vegan section.


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