Gathering And Packing Zero Waste Toiletries For Travel

Everybody has their list of essential toiletries for both at home and travel. Hence, today we will talk about Zero Waste toiletries and give you some tips that we know will help.

Namely, what do you need to build your own? Particularly for creating the perfect zero waste travel kit.

Keep in mind that, ideally, you’ll modify this list with your items while of course using as many of these as you want.ย  On the other hand, we suggest you make your own bag of toiletries if you can.ย 

This will make sure you minimize waste and pack only what you need (meaning, avoid buying new products if possible and instead reuse) for travel.ย 

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Toiletry Bag

The first item you’ll need is a toiletry bag in which to put everything. You’ll want a bag that is made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

If you already have some sort of toiletry bag that you use for travel and it is not recyclable, then go with that one.

After all, the proper bag can last years, and as long as it is reusable, then there is no need to purchase new products.

That being said, it does not mean that you cannot use your backpack or carry-on luggage for air travel.

Let’s take a look at our preferred eco friendly toiletry products:

Bamboo Toothbrush

zero waste toothbrush
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Image by Ecoroots

These bamboo toothbrushes have become quite popular and should be part of any zero waste toiletry bag.

They are a great alternative to plastic ones that, over the years, end up in landfills and polluting our oceans.

If you don’t already have your own set, and you are looking to buy, then our favorite is the toothbrush from Ecoroots.

We love the fact it comes in a set of 4, which can fit in any luggage and comes in recyclable cardboard packaging (something that people seem to forget when buying Zero Waste products).

Moreover, they are ethically sourced and truly Zero Waste. In addition to your toothbrush, you also want to get a holder.

When traveling, you don’t know where you’ll be brushing your teeth. Also, you want to make sure your toothbrush does not mix with any of the other toiletries.

Eyelast Extensions

Eyelash extensions offer natural-looking beauty and chic style that can be used multiple times, making them an incredibly sustainable solution. With eyelash extensions, there is no artificial or permanent damage to natural lashes. Those who prefer natural beauty can trust that theirย natural lashesย will remain healthy and intact from the opening of the eye until it closes again.

Waxing, threading, tweezing and other traditional methods require rough handling of natural lashes and irritate sensitive eyes, but with eyelash extensions, quite the opposite is true: an easy application that soothes and nourishes natural lashes safely.

Toothpaste Tablets Or Powder

Georganics Zero Waste Toothpaste tablets
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Image by Georganics

Like all the items on this list, toothpaste tablets are perfect for travel toiletry.

You want tablets that come packed in glass bottles. You then have the added benefit of having reusable bottles while reducing the use of plastic.

If you prefer to go with regular toothpaste instead, at least try to search for aluminum tubes.

Shampoo Bar

Waste free shampoo is what you want to be packing. Since you can pack them without the need for plastic.

Taking care of your hair without having to rely on plastic containers is possible(we wrote a guide on Zero Waste Hair Care here).

No waste shampoo bars are easy to pack in any luggage and are part of any standard toiletry list that wants to reduce waste travel.

Additionally, they are healthier for the skin. Overall, we stopped using shampoo packaged in any plastic, as part of our Zero Waste Swaps.

Our favorite shampoo bar at the moment also comes from Ecoroots. But namely, because they have a variety of options in terms of scent for any skin.

Soap Bar

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Image by Ecoroots

In the same manner, you also want to make sure you have a bar of soap.

There are plenty of options on the market, especially in regards to travel toiletry.

And, nifty ways to pack them. Soap items for traveling are quite common, so you should not have a hard time finding a natural one for your kit.


river organics zero waste makeup
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Image by River Organics

If you use makeup, then, of course, you want to pack accordingly for travel.

While consumers are not there in terms of Zero Waste Makeup as an industry, there are options.

We also wrote a guide on the makeup brands we like, mainly because they are trying to come as close as possible to zero waste.

Menstrual Cup (For Women)

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. Our Co-Founder wrote a full guide on the Zero Waste options on Menstrual Cups that are eco friendly, should you choose to get your own.

Zero Waste Menstrual Cup
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Face Wipes

Whether you are a woman removing your makeup, or simply want to keep your face skin clean after much traveling, face wipes are a must.

When it comes to these types of products, you want to find natural wipes that are free of chemicals and are biodegradable.


EcoRoots Safety Razor Rose Gold
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Image by Ecoroots

Razors are a must for travel. We, of course want to avoid conventional plastic razors. We wrote a guide on Eco friendly razors, and think they are ideal for any situation.

Additionally, if you intend to get on a plane, you better make sure that the razors you use are allowed for air travel.

The main point here is to try not to use disposable razors. Not only are you harming the environment, but they are not great for reducing expenses since you have to replace them continually.


It is quite natural to think of sunscreen when traveling. However, most sunscreen comes in plastic tubes that are not sustainable. Also, a lot of times, it is made with toxic material.

We like this reef-safe zero waste sunscreen. We love the fact that it is made with certified natural ingredients and free of chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Building and using a travel toiletry that you’ll always love and depend on is not difficult.

We think this list can help you get on the right path to sustainable travel. Whether its soap, face wipes, or something else, items that are zero waste and fit for travel are around the corner.

As long as they are packed in reusable containers that better the environment, then you’ll always be set to go.

Feel free to let us know if this list of Zero Waste Toiletries is missing anything. We know there are products that perhaps we did not speak about, and that are easy to add to any list.

We always like to hear your feedback and opinions via email or social media so don’t be shy!

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