7 Brands With Zero Waste Toothpaste To Keep You Smiling

This article will focus on plastic-free, Zero Waste toothpaste options. Even though we do encourage you to start with easy swaps such as this one, consider the bigger picture!

Our Zero Waste bathroom review will guide you to reduce waste in more ways than you can imagine. For example, by suggesting you brush your teeth with organic bamboo toothbrushes. Or, by using shampoo and soap bars.

It is crucial to envisage waste from a broader angle, from manufacturing to end of life reuse or recycling. And, not only when doing groceries.

Additionally, try to strive for more zero waste in your wardrobe, in your office, or even when traveling!

We wanted to share this review with you as we were tired of not understanding the list of (questionable) ingredients in the toothpaste we bought at the pharmacy or supermarket.

Not to name any big brands here, but some of them label their toothpaste with ‘natural extracts,’ while the 4th ingredient is SLS!

Therefore, we wanted to know what ingredients (parabens, triclosan, and the like) to avoid: either because they were harmful to the environment, or our health, and more often than not, both. More on this in the section below.

Zero waste toothpaste brands
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We then extensively looked for eco-conscious brands and considered the below criteria for selection:

  • Sustainably sourced, premium ingredients, including essential oils.
  • Non-harmful ingredients¬†for any of their products.
  • Cruelty-free certified. We will also flag the (non) vegan options. For a focus on vegan toothpaste only, have a look here.
  • Thoughtful packaging¬†and¬†innovative recycling/refill¬†programs.
  • Toothpaste brands that go the extra mile for your teeth! For example, thanks to charitable work or with a carbon-neutral shipping policy.
  • Companies around the world: we always encourage our readers to buy as close as possible from home.

Spoiler alert: you WILL be surprised the first time you try natural, zero waste toothpaste or tooth powder.

Hence, Ben & Anna’s might be an easier transition for you in terms of taste and texture (compared to conventional toothpaste). Georganics has for us been a smoother change, as it is similar to a DIY tooth powder based on baking soda. Hence, opt for what works best for you depending on your past experiences.

We do not claim to be experts on toothpaste or tooth powder, but rather help you identify seriously eco-committed brands. And give you more peace of mind in terms of responsible packaging and waste management.

Thus, consult your dentist in case of doubt on the ingredients, or the most adequate product for your teeth. Depending on a variety of factors such as age, you might, for example, need fluoride occasionally.

Georganics - UK


We are fans of this brand for their transparency on their ingredients, all listed here. And the role each of them plays in their products. We recommend their mineral zero waste peppermint toothpaste, which has the following characteristics:

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free.
  • Fluoride-free.
  • Non-foaming formula with organic fractioned coconut oil, an effective plaque remover.
  • Calcium Carbonate, known to protect enamel.
  • Activated Charcoal Powder, a stain remover, and helps reduce bad breath.
Packaging And Containers
  • Zero Waste for packaging! 100% Kraft paper cartons that are compostable. No bubble wrap, no unnecessary plastic.
  • Aluminum or glass jars as containers: these are made to last and eventually easily recyclable. You can reuse and refill them easily. Have a look at their store locators.
Why This Brand
  • Handmade batches¬†on their farm located in Sussex.
  • Small batches and focus on maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Zero To Landfill¬†program allowing you to send back your toothbrushes for proper recycling.
  • Geobox: personalize your family’s yearly subscription and decrease your carbon footprint related to shipping and packaging.¬†Find out how here.
  • Charitable work: they donate their products to a variety of good causes. For example, in Kenya, where they contribute to improving locals’ oral care via Travelling Hygienist.
Good To Know

If you are looking for an eco-friendly electric toothbrush, do not get your hopes up. The offer is still quite limited.

As a matter of fact, we could not find an option purely from recycled materials, or with a lifelong battery, or (who knows the future of technology?) made of compostable materials.

However, if we had to recommend one that ticks most of the low waste boxes (and the user-friendly ones!): go for the Sonic Toothbrush from Georganics. Here is why:

  • Zero To Landfill Scheme: you can send back the handle, bristle, and lithium battery free of charge for proper recycling. They partnered with Terracycle in this regard.
  • BPA free.
  • Compostable packaging¬†(Kraft Paper Box) and vegetable ink.
  • Adaptable to both EU and UK plugs.
  • Price of the bristles: 6.90 GBP for two! You’ll need approximately 4 per year.

Davids Natural Toothpaste - United States

David's natural toothpaste
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Image by EcoRoots.us

The vegan and zero waste toothpaste brand provides a small key with all their metal tubes to make sure you can easily squeeze out every last bit.

In particular, we recommend the Davids Natural Toothpaste metal tube with the peppermint and charcoal flavors.

  • EWG Verified, i.e., free of any chemicals of concern.
  • Coconut charcoal, which is known for enhancing whitening, and is enamel-safe.
  • This natural toothpaste is free of fluoride, contains baking soda (stain remover), and activated charcoal (teeth whitening).
  • 98% ingredients of USA origin!
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • SLS free, of course.
  • Their formulas are free of artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.
Packaging And Containers
  • Use of cardboard box, recyclable in the carton bin.
  • Metal tube and key: both recyclable in the metal bin. If you re-order more, later on, you can easily flag in your subscription that you do not need another key. Why metal? As described by this zero waste toothpaste brand, it is for maintaining maximum freshness and for its recycling capabilities.
  • Inside the tube: there is a thin liner of a NON-BPA Food Grade.
  • The cap of the metal tube is also recyclable as it made of virgin-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

For the toothpaste tube, make sure to discard it properly by cutting it open in length, and wash off the remaining paste.

We particularly like this brand’s true zero waste toothpaste. Just as light as plastic tubes, minus the unnecessary waste, of course.

Why This Brand
  • No shipping outside of the USA, which ideally should always be the case. Let’s all reduce our impact on the environment! Shipping is a crucial part of it.
  • Easy subscription¬†available: you can easily select the frequency and quantity for automatic future shipments.
  • A¬†Zero Waste approach¬†to the product they sell and a commitment to source locally in an effort to sustain American jobs.

Ben & Anna - Germany

ben and anna toothpaste
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The brand offers a large variety of oral care products: toothpaste for sensitive teeth, multiple flavors, toothpaste tablets or tooth powder, with and without fluoride options, and more.

Our preference goes to the cinnamon tooth powder available here.

  • Certified natural cosmetics, i.e., certified by¬†NATRUE, an NGO committed to promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.
  • Protects¬†against tooth decay.
  • This natural toothpaste is 100% vegan and cruelty-free – the whole brand is!
  • Free from parabens, EDTA, phthalates, triclosan, SLS, formaldehyde, peroxide, and microplastic.
Packaging And Containers
  • FSC-certified paper.
  • A thin coating of PLA foil prevents some of the content from drying out, and it is biodegradable (mainly for their deodorant).
  • Their toothpaste comes in a¬†glass jar, easily recyclable.¬†It is a pity that you cannot return them for a refill. However, the brand gives you a few ideas on how to upcycle or recycle them correctly.
Why This Brand
  • They support a variety of environmental organizations, including Ocean Cleaning.
  • Ideal for the entire family.
  • Tired of not finding healthy, sustainable, and effective dental care without harmful ingredients, Ben and Anna decided to start their own brand and are now located in the German countryside in Northern Hesse.
  • Dedicated to including¬†high-quality ingredients of natural origin¬†in their zero waste toothpaste, such as sea buckthorn.

Butter Me Up Organics - USA


In general, this eco friendly brand offers products that are:

  • Plant-based, natural toothpaste.¬†No artificial fragrance. Non-GMO.
  • Use of a trifecta of¬†organic herbs, oils or butter, and essential oils.
  • Free of synthetic chemicals, synthetic stabilizers, artificial preservatives, or dyes.
  • Cruelty-free and¬†fair trade.

In terms of zero waste toothpaste options, we have a preference for the organic activated charcoal one. Mainly made of Calcium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), coconut oil, peppermint oil, this toothpaste stored in a glass jar and a metal lid will whiten your teeth naturally. And, it will help with removing the toxins out of your mouth and gums.

Packaging And Containers
  • Plastic-free shipping.
  • In terms of packing materials, they use recycled paper, soy inks, and even sustainable printers! They use at least¬†30% post-recycled material for their packaging in general.
  • All items from Butter Me Up Organics come in a glass jar, a tin, or is wrapped in paperboard.
Why This Brand
  • Small batches production¬†in their studio in California. No outsourcing! All products are packaged, labeled, and shipped by the team.
  • They have been¬†zero waste since their start¬†in 2008! Local sourcing, bulk buying, but also upcycled furniture in their offices!
  • Ideal zero waste toothpaste for people of all ages.
  • Their¬†100 % organic tooth powder¬†made of baking soda, kaolin clay, bentonite clay is worth having a look too. Simply dip your toothbrush, brush for a minute or two, then rinse normally.

Be H√ľppy - United States

Did you smile today
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We recommend you have a look at their zero waste toothpaste with a Charcoal Mint flavor. Make sure to op for the refillable blush case:

  • Their mint toothpaste tablets are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Their zero waste products contain xylitol (bacteria repellent), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and calcium carbonate, three types of¬†natural ingredients that keep plaque away.
  • Fluoride and¬†gluten-free.
  • Guaranteed without triclosan, parabens, formaldehyde, SLS, and GMOs.
  • Essential oils: mainly peppermint or tea tree.
Packaging And Containers
  • Easily refillable¬†‘forever case,’ perfect for toothpaste tabs.
  • No plastic policy: get your refills delivered in¬†100% recyclable, compostable pouches.
Why this Brand
  • The use of n-Ha –¬†Hydroxyapatite¬†– their 100%¬†non-toxic star ingredient¬†that remineralizes and desensitizes your teeth.
  • Oral care with natural ingredients, waste-free, and customized orders for a reasonable 8 USD a month.
  • This zero waste toothpaste brand contributes to a positive social impact: they¬†donate 2% of revenue¬†to fund sustainability initiatives.

Nelson Naturals - Canada


Their Crush & Blush toothpaste tablets are their newest product, and our teeth like it! They also offer zero waste toothpaste options in 6 different flavors. Find the full description of their tablets here. In a nutshell:

  • 100% food-grade ingredients. In an industry in which not all ingredients are extensively tested, this is a reassuring list.
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free.
  • Gluten-free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free, and fluoride-free.
  • ¬†Xylitol-based, which is known to reduce the risk of dental caries.
Packaging And Containers
  • Whether for the tablets or toothpaste, this zero waste oral care comes in a glass jar, easily recycled.
  • In terms of refill, this zero waste brand partners with specific stores. Have a look¬†here¬†for more info on how and where to refill your glass jars.
  • However, limited information is available on the packaging used regarding this brand’s oral care.
Why This Brand
  • Their¬†imperfect perfect approach: some products are not following the standards at 100%. For example, broken tablets or overfilled jars. The brand refuses to throw these away. Instead, buy them at a 50% discount.
  • Ideal for sensitive teeth. The brand has noticed a decline in sensitivity among its customers after using Nelson Naturals for a while.
  • The¬†liquid mineral concentrate¬†being¬†used, which is ionic and desalinated. It contains over 72 different naturally occurring minerals originating from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
  • The consistency of the paste changes over time, but this is fine! You can add a bit of water and stir it gently. Make sure to always use the cap in between use to avoid further drying out the product.

Love Beauty Foods - Australia


This brand’s Zero Waste toothpaste from Newcastle’s beachside city on the east coast of Australia has a lot to offer! You can opt for toothpaste or toothpowder. Our preference goes to the¬†aloe vera and organic lemon myrtle toothpowder:

  • High quality, food-grade ingredients (i.e., with a lot less hidden toxins).
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Fluoride-free.
  • Natural toothpaste, free of preservatives. No Triclosan, no SLS, no glycerin.
  • Gentle and antibacterial ingredients¬†to help promote oral hygiene and cleaner teeth.
  • Organic ingredients¬†such as their coconut oil or shea butter.
Packaging And Containers
  • Packaging will be totally plastic-free by 2021.
  • Their zero waste toothpaste comes in a glass jar: all good in terms of containers!
Why This Brand
  • Ingredients are sourced from trusted Australian suppliers.
  • Close collaboration with¬†local organic farms¬†that follow healthy and environmental agricultural practices.
  • They also offer a¬†White Dust, Natural Teeth Whitener, without the use of harsh chemicals, that we recommend! The mixture is mainly made of activated charcoal (coconut) and calcium bentonite clay. It absorbs toxins and is a stain remover while polishing your teeth and re-mineralizing your mouth.

Our DIY Zero Waste Toothpaste

Let’s start with what you do¬†NOT want to see in any toothpaste tube. Considering their questionable effects on your body (and nature), we can only encourage you to avoid them in any toothpaste product you use, whether DIY or not(1).

To name a few:

  • SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: known to cause cancer sores.
  • Triclosan: a pesticide and hormone disruptor.
  • Glycerin as it can alter the oral microbiome and inhibits mineralization.
  • Highly abrasive ingredients, which can damage your enamel.
  • In general, anything acidic or with hydrogen peroxide.

As for homemade Zero Waste Toothpaste, we have found the below list of ingredients to be easy and safe to use for any oral care product in your bathroom, including toothpaste: baking soda, bentonite clay, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, xylitol, anise essential oil and natural salt(2).

Get an old glass jar with a lid you no longer use as a recipient for your toothpaste.

Essential oils
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At home, we tried the below one and were quite satisfied with the result: simply mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil, and 12 drops of anise essential oil.

Remember that there are no preservatives or the like, so it is best to use your zero waste toothpaste within a month or two.

And there you go, saving money, controlling what’s in your mouth while avoiding waste sent to landfills!

What To Do With Your Old Toothpaste Tubes?

toothpaste tubes
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When it comes to trashing old toothpaste tubes, do not give up right away! More likely than not, your recycling center accepts conventional toothpaste tubes. This means less waste is sent to landfills!

Let’s take the example of the partnership between¬†Terracycle¬†and Colgate(one of the biggest toothpaste brands on the planet).

Simple and free! In a nutshell, they can recycle the following oral care (from all brands);

  • Used or empty toothpaste tubes (caps as well),
  • Old toothbrushes,
  • Toothpaste cartons,
  • Packaging of toothbrushes,
  • And floss containers(here’s our guide on vegan floss if you are interested).

If Terracycle is not available in your country: google your questions on recycling possibilities, or ask around. There might be a solution!

Typically, consider local schools or artists who might use toothpaste tubes for upcycled crafts.

If you are not familiar with Terracycle’s solutions, we encourage you to visit¬†their website¬†and register for the different recycling programs they offer around the world.

Their mission is to avoid that waste ends up in landfills; instead, find smarter alternatives to reuse, recycle, or upcycle waste.

That includes the tons of waste related to conventional toothpaste worldwide.

Let their philosophy of zero waste – that garbage does not exist in nature – continue to spread quickly!

recycling bin
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Final Thoughts

We put this article together to allow you to be a better eco-customer when it comes to toothpaste options.

We wanted to raise awareness on the importance of packaging and a zero waste approach to business, but also on the questionable ingredients commonly found in conventional toothpaste.

As usual, we dedicated most of our analysis to sustainable, (almost) zero waste brands. Companies that sincerely care about what they sell and that consider the entire lifecycle of a product(toothpaste is no exception).

We need more of these and more of us, eco-pragmatics that want to preserve the environment.

If you have any questions in relation to any of these toothpaste brands, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


  1. https://askthedentist.com/diy-toothpaste/
  2. https://www.ewg.org/ewgverified/
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